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Deck Comment by Life_in_god_mode
It's like white hat hacking as deck design. I don't ever intend to play a monstrosity like this, at least not more than once.
Deck Comment by AzgalorIsMyDad
Interactive and fun! - Nobody
Deck Comment by Aethos528
Hi! I’m looking for a dragon deck that can use dueling as a support theme effectively. Interested in how this deck is doing currently. Any updates?
Deck Comment by LordVulkan
Had a casual game using this against a buddy IRL last night, he was running the standard aggro unicorn chagatai break 2 provinces a turn. I was surprised how resilient this was, fun deck to play. Province row was a nice toolbox, Honours reward coming in handy to break his Night Raid. Return the offe ...
Deck Comment by Hotaruchan
brain farted and thought it said could only be played from discard
Deck Comment by  Siri
I play it from hand, just the normal way.

by Metalizer91    1 week ago
Kyūden Kakita     (5)         lock_open    XX
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person  2  Asahina Storyteller
person  3  Benevolent Host
person  3  Callow Delegate
person  3  Courtly Challenger
person  3  Doji Hotaru
person  3  Doji Shigeru
person  3  Graceful Guardian
person  3  Iwasaki Pupil
person  3  Kakita Kaezin
person  3  Kakita Toshimoko
person  3  Kakita Yuri
person  3  Sententious Poet
person  2  Winter Court Hosts
place  3  Proving Ground
attach_file  3  Mirumoto Daishō
person  3  Political Rival
flash_on  3  Civil Discourse
flash_on  3  Contingency Plan
flash_on  3  Defend Your Honor
flash_on  3  Good Omen
flash_on  1  Karmic Balance
flash_on  1  Magnificent Triumph
flash_on  2  Moment of Perfect Beauty
flash_on  2  Policy Debate
flash_on  2  Storied Defeat
flash_on  2  Those Who Serve
flash_on  3  Voice of Honor
flash_on  3  Waning Hostilities
flash_on  3  Warm Welcome
flash_on  3  Way of the Crane

by Anonymous    3 months ago
Hayaken no Shiro     (6)         person_add    IL
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person  3  Akodo Gunsō
person  3  Akodo Kage
person  3  Akodo Mastermind
person  3  Akodo Toturi
person  3  Battle Aspirant
person  3  Field Tactician
person  3  Matsu Berserker
person  3  Meticulous Scout
person  3  Miwaku Kabe Guard
person  3  Obstinate Recruit
person  3  Righteous Samurai
person  3  Samurai of Integrity
person  3  Unified Company
place  3  Exposed Courtyard
attach_file  3  Adopted Kin
attach_file  3  Fan of Command
attach_file  3  Finger of Jade
flash_on  3  A Perfect Cut
flash_on  3  All Out Assault
flash_on  3  Banzai!
flash_on  3  Battlefield Orders
flash_on  3  Directing the Battle
flash_on  3  Even the Odds
flash_on  3  Let Go
flash_on  3  Logistics
flash_on  3  Peerless Discipline
flash_on  3  Prove Your Skill
flash_on  3  Under Siege
flash_on  3  Way of the Lion

by Kae    5 weeks ago
Hisu Mori Toride     (6)         person    IL
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person  3  Border Rider
person  3  Moto Chagatai
person  3  Shinjo Gunsō
person  1  Shinjo Kyōra
person  3  Shinjo Shono
person  3  Shinjo Trailblazer
person  3  Shinjo Yasamura
person  3  Utaku Infantry
person  3  Utaku Tetsuko
flash_on  3  A Season of War
flash_on  3  Ride at Dawn
flash_on  3  Sudden Tempest
place  3  Shiotome Encampment
place  3  Windswept Yurt
attach_file  2  Adorned Barcha
attach_file  3  Curved Blade
attach_file  2  Favored Mount
attach_file  3  Steed of the Steppes
attach_file  3  Subterranean Guile
attach_file  1  Talisman of the Sun
person  3  Iuchi Wayfinder
person  3  Shinjo Ambusher
flash_on  3  Banzai!
flash_on  1  Cavalry Reserves
flash_on  2  Defend Your Honor
flash_on  2  Press of Battle
flash_on  3  Rebuild
flash_on  1  Speak to the Heart
flash_on  3  Spoils of War
flash_on  3  Way of the Open Hand
flash_on  3  Way of the Unicorn