Planned Enhancements
More functionality is coming! Below is a list of the coming changes.
Planned Enhancements
check_box_outline_blank  Mulligans to shuffle back into deck
check_box_outline_blank  Recommendation engine.
check_box_outline_blank  Set playgroup, report games under that playgroup, filter reported results by playgroup
check_box_outline_blank  Export to tabletop simulator
check_box_outline_blank  Card Binder Personalization: initial card view (list or card face)
check_box  Filter out cards that are locked out form selected role
check_box_outline_blank  Ability to swap stronghold
check_box  Allow quick - button in builder to delete to zero
check_box  Multiple OP Role Support
check_box  Deck Summary in builder - refine
check_box  Home page - consolidate recent activity and improve presentation
check_box_outline_blank  Website stats page
check_box_outline_blank  Prepare site for cards that share same title.
Member Requests
check_box_outline_blank  Dynasty Deck Full Draw
check_box_outline_blank  Retain Outline on buttons for better accessibility
check_box  Initial automatic filtering to ally once an ally is selected (currently only auto filters when deck is reloaded)
check_box_outline_blank  Ability to limit to cards that are currently legal to play in tournament by date
check_box  Add copy to clipboard where there are links to share
check_box_outline_blank  Prompt user to save on profile page
check_box_outline_blank  Allow personalization to set preferred image sizes throughout site