Bushibuilder Development
More functionality is coming! Below is a list of the coming changes.
Planned Enhancements
check_box_outline_blank  Recommendation engine
check_box_outline_blank  Other sign in options (aside from Google)
Member Requests
check_box_outline_blank  Dynasty Deck Full Draw
check_box_outline_blank  Retain Outline on buttons for better accessibility
check_box_outline_blank  Ability to limit to cards that are currently legal to play in tournament by date
check_box_outline_blank  Add command based filtering
check_box_outline_blank  Option to show deck titles / other titles in standard text
check_box_outline_blank  One click Jigoku upload
check_box_outline_blank  Differentiate appearance between public deck page and deck box
check_box_outline_blank  Allow more than one editor / owner for a deck
check_box_outline_blank  Display of image files (E.g. screenshots within match reports)
check_box_outline_blank  Collection assessment across built decks - which cards are extended and which are available
check_box_outline_blank  Bulk deck delete
check_box_outline_blank  Deck tags
check_box_outline_blank  Improve deck import and reduce false postive matches