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Build a deck that includes the cards shown below at the listed quantities (or more).
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Honorable Challenger (Lion)Ikoma Orator (Lion)Student of War (Lion)Matsu Tsuko (Lion)Tactician's Camp (Lion)Aspiring Challenger (Neutral)Seppun Hidden Guard (Neutral)Akodo Toturi (Neutral)Hantei XXXVIII (Neutral)Miya Library (Neutral)Proving Ground (Neutral)Honed Nodachi (Crab)Smuggling Deal (Crab)In Defense of Rokugan (Crab)Iaijutsu Master (Crane)Storied Defeat (Crane)Try Again Tomorrow (Crane)Mirumoto Daishō (Dragon)Magnificent Triumph (Dragon)Karmic Balance (Dragon)True Strike Kenjutsu (Lion)Hand to Hand (Lion)Glorious Victory (Lion)Gift of Amaterasu (Phoenix)Severed From the Stream (Phoenix)Subdue the Spirits (Phoenix)Infiltrator's Tools (Scorpion)Kirei-ko (Scorpion)Miyako's Undertaking (Scorpion)Shinjo Ambusher (Unicorn)Jewel of the Khamasīn (Unicorn)Challenge on the Fields (Unicorn)Kujira's Hireling (Neutral)Stay Your Hand (Neutral)Warm Welcome (Neutral)Prayers to Ebisu (Neutral)Obstinate Recruit (Lion)Ikoma Prodigy (Lion)Matsu Berserker (Lion)Steadfast Samurai (Lion)Akodo Gunsō (Lion)Deathseeker (Lion)Venerable Historian (Lion)Kitsu Spiritcaller (Lion)Lion's Pride Brawler (Lion)Matsu Beiona (Lion)Honored General (Lion)Ikoma Eiji (Lion)Akodo Toturi (Lion)Staging Ground (Lion)Otomo Courtier (Neutral)Seppun Guardsman (Neutral)Miya Mystic (Neutral)Wandering Ronin (Neutral)Favorable Ground (Neutral)Imperial Storehouse (Neutral)Hiruma Ambusher (Crab)Stoic Gunsō (Crab)Reprieve (Crab)Watch Commander (Crab)Jade Tetsubō (Crab)Levy (Crab)Rebuild (Crab)The Mountain Does Not Fall (Crab)Steward of Law (Crane)Political Rival (Crane)Above Question (Crane)Duelist Training (Crane)Height of Fashion (Crane)The Perfect Gift (Crane)Voice of Honor (Crane)Admit Defeat (Crane)Noble Sacrifice (Crane)Tattooed Wanderer (Dragon)Togashi Kazue (Dragon)Ancestral Daishō (Dragon)Daimyō's Favor (Dragon)Kitsuki's Method (Dragon)Let Go (Dragon)Mantra of Fire (Dragon)Tranquility (Dragon)Indomitable Will (Dragon)Mirumoto's Fury (Dragon)Vengeful Oathkeeper (Lion)Master of the Spear (Lion)Guidance of the Ancestors (Lion)Honored Blade (Lion)Sashimono (Lion)Ready for Battle (Lion)Stand Your Ground (Lion)Way of the Lion (Lion)For Greater Glory (Lion)Strength in Numbers (Lion)Ishiken Initiate (Phoenix)Seeker of Knowledge (Phoenix)Magnificent Kimono (Phoenix)Grasp of Earth (Phoenix)Pacifism (Phoenix)Supernatural Storm (Phoenix)Against the Waves (Phoenix)Know the World (Phoenix)Display of Power (Phoenix)Adept of Shadows (Scorpion)Unassuming Yōjimbō (Scorpion)Court Mask (Scorpion)Fiery Madness (Scorpion)Forged Edict (Scorpion)Calling in Favors (Scorpion)I Can Swim (Scorpion)Ambush (Scorpion)Blackmail (Scorpion)Iuchi Wayfinder (Unicorn)Ide Messenger (Unicorn)Favored Mount (Unicorn)Spyglass (Unicorn)Born in War (Unicorn)Breakthrough (Unicorn)Captive Audience (Unicorn)I Am Ready (Unicorn)Cavalry Reserves (Unicorn)Fine Katana (Neutral)Ornate Fan (Neutral)Cloud the Mind (Neutral)Assassination (Neutral)Banzai! (Neutral)Contingency Plan (Neutral)Court Games (Neutral)For Shame! (Neutral)Good Omen (Neutral)Spies at Court (Neutral)Charge! (Neutral)Fallen in Battle (Neutral)Outwit (Neutral)Rout (Neutral)Matsu Agetoki (Lion)Moto Eviscerator (Neutral)Kansen Haunt (Neutral)Reinforced Plate (Crab)Subterranean Guile (Crab)Fruitful Respite (Crab)Siege Warfare (Crab)Desolation (Crab)The Strength of the Mountain (Crab)Slovenly Scavenger (Neutral)Akodo Reserve Company (Lion)A Season of War (Neutral)Educated Heimin (Dragon)Serene Ise Zumi (Dragon)Prepared Ambush (Lion)Paralyzing Delicacy (Scorpion)Countryside Trader (Unicorn)Field of Ruin (Neutral)Chronicler of Conquests (Lion)Disciple of Shinsei (Neutral)Logistics (Lion)Ethereal Alignment (Phoenix)Never Yield (Unicorn)Master Tactician (Lion)Lost Papers (Neutral)Return From Shadows (Crab)The Wealth of the Crane (Crane)Mantra of Void (Dragon)Makeshift War Camp (Lion)Shori (Lion)Studious (Phoenix)Study the Natural World (Phoenix)Hunting Falcon (Unicorn)Ikoma Tsanuri (Lion)Mercenary Company (Neutral)Sturdy Tetsubō (Crab)Local Daimyō's Retainer (Crane)Kyofuki's Hammer (Phoenix)Forgery (Scorpion)Steed of the Steppes (Unicorn)Honored Veterans (Lion)Ceaseless Duty (Crab)Elegance and Grace (Crane)Waterfall Tattoo (Dragon)Soshi Diviner (Scorpion)Stoke Insurrection (Scorpion)Righteous Samurai (Lion)Exposed Courtyard (Lion)Sudden Tempest (Neutral)Apprentice Engineer (Crab)Inventive Buttressing (Crab)Treasured Gift (Crane)Daidoji Yari (Crane)In Search of Self (Dragon)Spiritcaller Prodigy (Lion)Magistrate's Intervention (Phoenix)Compromised Secrets (Scorpion)Flank the Enemy (Unicorn)Ikoma Tsanuri (Lion)Kaito Kosori (Phoenix)Favor of the Kami (Phoenix)Katana of Fire (Phoenix)The Path of Man (Phoenix)Wholeness of the World (Phoenix)Clarity of Purpose (Phoenix)Karmic Twist (Phoenix)Yogo Kikuyo (Scorpion)Walking the Way (Neutral)Matsu Seventh Legion (Lion)Kudaka (Neutral)Formal Invitation (Crane)The Mirror's Gaze (Crane)Ancient Master (Dragon)Hurricane Punch (Dragon)Even the Odds (Lion)Maze of Illusion (Scorpion)Marauding Oni (Neutral)Spreading the Darkness (Crab)Ikoma Reservist (Lion)Feral Ningyo (Phoenix)Oracle of Stone (Phoenix)Tainted Koku (Scorpion)Ikoma Ikehata (Lion)Ancestral Armory (Lion)Wicked Tetsubō (Crab)Insult to Injury (Crane)Smoke (Dragon)Infiltrator (Scorpion)Shiksha Scout (Unicorn)Invocation of Ash (Unicorn)Breach of Etiquette (Neutral)Tireless Sōdan Senzo (Lion)Yoritomo (Neutral)Nezumi Infiltrator (Crab)Menacing Iron Warrior (Crane)Hawk Tattoo (Dragon)Heroic Resolve (Lion)My Ancestor's Strength (Lion)Deceptive Offer (Scorpion)Force of the River (Unicorn)Tactician's Apprentice (Lion)Matsu Mitsuko (Lion)Game of Sadane (Crane)Void Fist (Dragon)All and Nothing (Phoenix)Shosuro Sadako (Scorpion)Dispatch (Unicorn)Perfect Land Ethos (Neutral)Kitsu Warrior (Lion)Pragmatism (Crab)Mantra of Earth (Dragon)Roving Michibiku (Phoenix)Taryū-Jiai (Phoenix)Gifted Tactician (Lion)Hito District (Lion)Seal of the Crane (Crane)Jade Masterpiece (Dragon)Embrace the Void (Phoenix)Meek Informant (Scorpion)Smoke and Mirrors (Scorpion)Goblin Sneak (Neutral)Finger of Jade (Neutral)Ikoma Ujiaki (Lion)Miwaku Kabe (Neutral)Raise the Alarm (Crab)Kakita Blade (Crane)High Kick (Dragon)Kamayari (Lion)Shrine Maiden (Phoenix)Seal of the Scorpion (Scorpion)Shinjo Saddle (Unicorn)Policy Debate (Neutral)Hiruma Skirmisher (Crab)Seal of the Crab (Crab)Mantra of Water (Dragon)Ageless Crone (Lion)Test of Courage (Lion)Benten's Touch (Phoenix)Misinformation (Scorpion)Tattered Missive (Neutral)Censure (Neutral)Akodo Toshiro (Lion)Implacable Magistrate (Lion)The Imperial Palace (Neutral)Pit Trap (Crab)Curry Favor (Crane)Centipede Tattoo (Dragon)Seal of the Phoenix (Phoenix)Gaijin Customs (Unicorn)Way of the Chrysanthemum (Neutral)Miwaku Kabe Guard (Lion)Seppun Ishikawa (Neutral)Fair Accord (Crab)Young Harrier (Crane)Seal of the Lion (Lion)A Fate Worse Than Death (Scorpion)Ride Them Down (Unicorn)Waning Hostilities (Neutral)Beastmaster Matriarch (Lion)Miya Satoshi (Neutral)Pillow Book (Crane)Seal of the Dragon (Dragon)Written in the Stars (Dragon)A Legion of One (Lion)Seal of the Unicorn (Unicorn)Mono no Aware (Neutral)Akodo Zentarō (Lion)Hantei Sotorii (Neutral)Give No Ground (Crab)Greater Understanding (Dragon)Blade of 10,000 Battles (Lion)Command Respect (Lion)Purity of Spirit (Phoenix)False Loyalties (Scorpion)Adorned Barcha (Unicorn)A Perfect Cut (Neutral)Akodo Kaede (Lion)Arbiter of Authority (Crane)Duel to the Death (Crane)Two-Heavens Technique (Dragon)Softskin (Scorpion)Matsu Swiftspear (Lion)Steward of the Rich Frog (Lion)Warden of the Damned (Crab)Callous Ashigaru (Crab)Justicar's Approach (Dragon)Sharpen the Mind (Lion)Stride the Waves (Phoenix)Shosuro Miyako (Scorpion)Ujik Tactics (Unicorn)Ikoma Kiyono (Lion)Hantei Daisetsu (Neutral)Sharpened Tsuruhashi (Crab)Issue a Challenge (Crane)Rising Stars Kata (Dragon)Regal Bearing (Lion)Invoke the Divine (Phoenix)Unspoken Etiquette (Scorpion)Natural Negotiator (Unicorn)Overhear (Neutral)Quarrelsome Youth (Lion)Unified Company (Lion)Withstand the Darkness (Crab)Deduction (Dragon)Fan of Command (Lion)Erudite Prestige (Phoenix)By Any Means (Scorpion)Current of the Beryt (Unicorn)Outflank (Unicorn)Hero of Three Trees (Lion)Persuasive Counselor (Lion)Root Out Heresy (Crab)Kakita's Final Stance (Crane)Mantra of Air (Dragon)In Service to My Lord (Lion)Cloak of Night (Phoenix)Castigated (Scorpion)Know the Terrain (Unicorn)Akodo Makoto (Lion)Armament Artisan (Neutral)Political Sanction (Crane)Letter from the Daimyō (Crane)Gossip (Crane)The Spear Rushes Forth (Crane)Courteous Scheming (Crane)Festival for the Fortunes (Crane)Shinjo Haruko (Unicorn)Daimyō's Gunbai (Neutral)Retreat (Neutral)Matsu Koso (Lion)Ichirō (Neutral)Togashi Acolyte (Dragon)Vine Tattoo (Dragon)An Ocean in a Drop (Dragon)Dragon Tattoo (Dragon)Iron Foundations Stance (Dragon)Wildfire Kick (Dragon)Hida Kotoe (Crab)Elegant Tessen (Neutral)Four Temples Advisor (Neutral)Ashigaru Levy (Lion)Samurai of Integrity (Lion)Matsu Gohei (Lion)Ardent Omoidasu (Lion)Kitsu Motso (Lion)Akodo Motivator (Lion)Voice of the Ancestors (Lion)Matsu Tsuko (Lion)Champions of Yomi (Lion)Hall of Victories (Lion)Tactical Ingenuity (Lion)Total Warfare (Lion)Embrace Death (Lion)Honor in Battle (Lion)Prepare for War (Lion)Right Hand of the Emperor (Lion)Kitsuki Kagi (Dragon)Those Who Serve (Neutral)Revered Ikoma (Lion)Procedural Interference (Lion)Guardians of Rokugan (Crab)Exemplary Etiquette (Crane)Superior Authority (Crane)Self-Understanding (Dragon)Commander of the Legions (Lion)Under Amaterasu's Gaze (Lion)Unhallow (Phoenix)Messenger of Misery (Scorpion)Shape the Flesh (Scorpion)Shadow Steed (Unicorn)Curse of Misfortune (Neutral)Lion's Pride Paragon (Lion)Forward Garrison (Lion)Resourceful Mahō-Tsukai (Neutral)Tetsubō of Blood (Crab)Disparaging Challenge (Crane)Ki Alignment (Dragon)In Harmony (Phoenix)Seize the Mind (Scorpion)Command the Tributary (Unicorn)Bonds of Blood (Unicorn)Untainted (Crab)Talented Performer (Crane)Promising Youth (Dragon)Mushin no Shin (Dragon)Reconnaissance (Lion)Blessed By Fukurokujin (Phoenix)Whispers of Power (Phoenix)The Western Wind (Unicorn)Conduit of Heroes (Lion)Battle Meditation (Crab)Tsangusuri Ward (Crane)Betrayal of Truth (Dragon)Ancenstral Sight (Lion)Battlefield Orders (Lion)Calling the Storm (Phoenix)Overrun (Unicorn)Ikoma Ujiaki (Lion)At Any Cost (Crab)Dutiful Assistant (Crane)Belief in the Little Teacher (Dragon)Ujiaki's Offer (Lion)A War on Two Fronts (Lion)Cleanse the Empire (Phoenix)Subterfuge (Scorpion)Ride On (Unicorn)Centered Breath (Dragon)Directing the Battle (Lion)Daikyū (Unicorn)Akodo Kage (Lion)Seppun Truthseeker (Neutral)Opium Wastrel (Scorpion)Bayushi Collector (Scorpion)Liar's Mask (Scorpion)Stolen Breath (Scorpion)From the Shadows (Scorpion)Make an Opening (Scorpion)Stolen Secrets (Scorpion)Offer Testimony (Neutral)Peasant's Advice (Neutral)Ikoma Message Runner (Lion)Righteous Akodo (Lion)Battle Aspirant (Lion)Medium of the Living Soul (Lion)Bushidō Adherent (Lion)Shika Matchmaker (Neutral)Cunning Confidant (Neutral)Insightful Gatekeeper (Neutral)Venerable Fortunist (Neutral)Kobo Ichi-Kai Jūjutsu (Crab)Common Cause (Crab)The Crashing Wave (Crab)Fulfill Your Duty (Crab)A Game of Letters (Crane)Favorable Alliance (Crane)Cultured Façade (Crane)Return the Offense (Crane)Inscribed Tantō (Dragon)Contempaltive Wisdom (Dragon)Unquestioned Heritage (Dragon)Impossible Kōan (Dragon)Take Up Command (Lion)Called to War (Lion)All Out Assault (Lion)Privileged Position (Lion)Peacemaker's Blade (Phoenix)Trick of the Light (Phoenix)Appeal to Sympathy (Phoenix)Ramparts of Stone (Phoenix)Bayushi Traitor (Scorpion)Imbued With Shadows (Scorpion)Compelling Testimony (Scorpion)Criminal Contacts (Scorpion)Expert Bartering (Unicorn)Way of the Open Hand (Unicorn)Diversionary Maneuver (Unicorn)Join the Fray (Unicorn)Hige's Sermon (Neutral)Seize the Day (Neutral)Enlightenment (Neutral)Ivory Kingdoms Unicorn (Neutral)Visiting Advisor (Unicorn)Shinomen Wayfinders (Unicorn)Curved Blade (Unicorn)Ring of Binding (Unicorn)Utaku Battle Steed (Unicorn)Speak to the Heart (Unicorn)Spoils of War (Unicorn)Warriors of the Wind (Unicorn)Ikoma Anakazu (Lion)Compass (Neutral)Trading on the Sand Road (Neutral)
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