Build a deck that includes the cards shown below at the listed quantities (or more).
Past Challenge: Build a deck that includes the cards shown below at the listed quantities (or more).
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A Fate Worse Than Death (Scorpion)A Legion of One (Lion)A New Name (Crane)A Perfect Cut (Neutral)A Season of War (Neutral)Abandoning Honor (Neutral)Above Question (Crane)Acolyte of Koyane (Phoenix)Adept of Shadows (Scorpion)Adept of the Waves (Phoenix)Admit Defeat (Crane)Adopted Kin (Dragon)Adorned Barcha (Unicorn)Against the Waves (Phoenix)Agasha Hiyori (Dragon)Agasha Shunsen (Dragon)Agasha Sumiko (Dragon)Agasha Swordsmith (Dragon)Agasha Taiko (Dragon)Ageless Crone (Lion)Aggressive Moto (Unicorn)Akodo Gunsō (Lion)Akodo Kaede (Lion)Akodo Kage (Lion)Akodo Makoto (Lion)Akodo Motivator (Lion)Akodo Toshiro (Lion)Akodo Toturi (Lion)Akodo Toturi (Neutral)Akodo Zentarō (Lion)Alchemical Laboratory (Dragon)Alibi Artist (Scorpion)All and Nothing (Phoenix)Allied with the CrabAllied with the CraneAllied with the DragonAllied with the LionAllied with the PhoenixAllied with the ScorpionAllied with the UnicornAllies of ConvenienceAlluring Patron (Scorpion)Along the River of Gold (Neutral)Ambush (Scorpion)An Ocean in a Drop (Dragon)Ancestral Armory (Lion)Ancestral Daishō (Dragon)Ancestral Lands (Neutral)Ancestral Shrine (Phoenix)Ancient Master (Dragon)Appeal to Sympathy (Phoenix)Appealing to the Fortunes (Neutral)Apprentice Earthcaller (Crab)Aranat (Unicorn)Arbiter of Authority (Crane)Ardent Omoidasu (Lion)Armament Artisan (Neutral)Army of the Rising Wave (Dragon)Artisan Academy (Crane)Asahina Artisan (Crane)Asahina Maeko (Crane)Asahina Storyteller (Crane)Asahina Takako (Crane)Asahina Takamori (Crane)Asako Azunami (Phoenix)Asako Diplomat (Phoenix)Asako Maezawa (Phoenix)Asako Takahiro (Phoenix)Asako Togama (Phoenix)Asako Tsuki (Phoenix)Ascetic Visionary (Dragon)Ashigaru Levy (Lion)Aspiring Challenger (Neutral)Assassination (Neutral)Attendant to the Emperor (Scorpion)Austere Exemplar (Dragon)Awakened Tsukumogami (Neutral)Back-Alley Hideaway (Scorpion)Backhanded Compliment (Scorpion)Banzai! (Neutral)Battle Aspirant (Lion)Battle Maiden Recruit (Unicorn)Bayushi Aramoro (Scorpion)Bayushi Collector (Scorpion)Bayushi Dairu (Scorpion)Bayushi Gensato (Scorpion)Bayushi Kachiko (Scorpion)Bayushi Liar (Scorpion)Bayushi Manipulator (Scorpion)Bayushi Shoju (Scorpion)Bayushi Shoju (Scorpion)Bayushi Traitor (Scorpion)Bayushi Yojiro (Scorpion)Bayushi Yunako (Scorpion)Bayushi's Whisperers (Scorpion)Beastmaster Matriarch (Lion)Before the Throne (Neutral)Being and Becoming (Dragon)Beloved Advisor (Crane)Benevolent Ambassador (Unicorn)Benevolent Host (Crane)Benten's Touch (Phoenix)Blackmail (Scorpion)Blackmail Artist (Scorpion)Blade of 10,000 Battles (Lion)Blood of Onnotangu (Neutral)Bonsai Garden (Crane)Border Fortress (Unicorn)Border Rider (Unicorn)Borderlands Defender (Crab)Borderlands Fortifications (Crab)Born in War (Unicorn)Brash Samurai (Crane)Breach of Etiquette (Neutral)Breakthrough (Unicorn)Brother's Gift Dōjō (Scorpion)Bustling Academy (Phoenix)By Any Means (Scorpion)Called to War (Lion)Calling in Favors (Scorpion)Callous Ashigaru (Crab)Callow Delegate (Crane)Captive Audience (Unicorn)Caravan Guard (Neutral)Castigated (Scorpion)Cautious Scout (Crane)Cavalry Reserves (Unicorn)Censure (Neutral)Centipede Tattoo (Dragon)Challenge on the Fields (Unicorn)Champions of Yomi (Lion)Charge! (Neutral)Chasing the Sun (Unicorn)Chikai Order Protector (Phoenix)Child of the Plains (Unicorn)Chisei District (Crane)Chrysanthemum Steward (Scorpion)Chukan Nobue (Phoenix)City of Lies (Scorpion)City of the Open Hand (Scorpion)City of the Rich Frog (Neutral)Civil Discourse (Crane)Clarity of Purpose (Phoenix)Cloak of Night (Phoenix)Closed Shell Castle (Neutral)Cloud the Mind (Neutral)Command Respect (Lion)Common Cause (Crab)Compass (Neutral)Compelling Testimony (Scorpion)Conflict Between Kin (Crane)Consumed by Five Fires (Phoenix)Contingency Plan (Neutral)Court Games (Neutral)Court Mask (Scorpion)Court Musician (Crane)Court Novice (Scorpion)Court of Deception (Scorpion)Court of Justice (Dragon)Courteous Scheming (Crane)Courtly Challenger (Crane)Crisis Breaker (Crab)Cunning Magistrate (Scorpion)Current of the Beryt (Unicorn)Curry Favor (Crane)Curved Blade (Unicorn)Daidoji Harrier (Crane)Daidoji Kageyu (Crane)Daidoji Nerishma (Crane)Daidoji Netsu (Crane)Daidoji Uji (Crane)Daimyō's Favor (Dragon)Daimyō's Gunbai (Neutral)Daring Challenger (Crab)Deathseeker (Lion)Deceptive Offer (Scorpion)Deduction (Dragon)Defend the Wall (Crab)Defend Your Honor (Neutral)Demonstrating Excellence (Neutral)Desolation (Crab)Disciple of Shinsei (Neutral)Discourage Pursuit (Scorpion)Disdainful Remark (Crane)Disguised Protector (Scorpion)Dishonorable Assault (Lion)Dispatch (Unicorn)Dispatch to Nowhere (Scorpion)Display of Power (Phoenix)Distinguished Dōjō (Crane)Diversionary Maneuver (Unicorn)Doji Challenger (Crane)Doji Fumiki (Crane)Doji Gift Giver (Crane)Doji Hotaru (Crane)Doji Hotaru (Crane)Doji Kuwanan (Crane)Doji Kuzunobu (Crane)Doji Representative (Crane)Doji Shigeru (Crane)Doji Shizue (Crane)Doji Whisperer (Crane)Doomed Shugenja (Dragon)Dragon Tattoo (Dragon)Duel to the Death (Crane)Duelist Training (Crane)Duty (Scorpion)Eager Scout (Crab)Earth Becomes Sky (Phoenix)Educated Heimin (Dragon)Effective Deception (Scorpion)Elegant Tessen (Neutral)Elemental Fury (Neutral)Embrace Death (Lion)Embrace the Void (Phoenix)Emissary of Lies (Scorpion)Emperor's Summons (Neutral)Empty Pockets (Neutral)Endless Plains (Unicorn)Endless Plains Skirmisher (Unicorn)Enigmatic Magistrate (Dragon)Enlightened Warrior (Dragon)Enlightenment (Neutral)Enticing Wares (Neutral)Entrenched Position (Neutral)Erudite Prestige (Phoenix)Esteemed Tea House (Crane)Ethereal Dreamer (Phoenix)Even the Odds (Lion)Exposed SecretsFū Sui Disciple (Crane)Fair Accord (Crab)Fallen in Battle (Neutral)False Loyalties (Scorpion)Fan of Command (Lion)Favor of the Kami (Phoenix)Favorable Dealbroker (Crab)Favorable Ground (Neutral)Favored Mount (Unicorn)Favored Niece (Scorpion)Fawning Diplomat (Scorpion)Fearsome Mystic (Phoenix)Feast or Famine (Neutral)Feral Ningyo (Phoenix)Fertile Fields (Neutral)Festival for the Fortunes (Crane)Festival of the Departed (Neutral)Fiery Madness (Scorpion)Fifth Tower Watch (Crab)Fight On (Crab)Fine Katana (Neutral)Finger of Jade (Neutral)Fire Elemental Guard (Phoenix)Fire Tensai Acolyte (Phoenix)Fire Tensai Initiate (Phoenix)Flooded Waste (Crab)For Greater Glory (Lion)For Shame! (Neutral)Force of the River (Unicorn)Forebearer's Echoes (Lion)Forged Edict (Scorpion)Forgotten Library (Phoenix)Formal Invitation (Crane)Forthright Ide (Unicorn)Fortified Assembly (Crab)Four Temples Advisor (Neutral)From the Shadows (Scorpion)Frontline Engineer (Crab)Frostbitten Crossing (Neutral)Fruitful Crossroads (Neutral)Fruitful Respite (Crab)Fuchi Mura (Dragon)Funeral Pyre (Crab)Fury of the Damned (Crab)Fushichō (Phoenix)Gaijin Customs (Unicorn)Gallant Quartermaster (Crab)Game of Sadane (Crane)Gateway to Meido (Neutral)Gift of Amaterasu (Phoenix)Gifted Tactician (Lion)Give No Ground (Crab)Giver of Gifts (Unicorn)Glorious Victory (Lion)Goblin Sneak (Neutral)Golden Plains Outpost (Unicorn)Golden Plains Raider (Unicorn)Good Omen (Neutral)Gossip (Crane)Graceful Guardian (Crane)Grasp of Earth (Phoenix)Greater Understanding (Dragon)Guard Duty (Lion)Guardian Kami (Neutral)Guardian of Virtue (Crab)Guardians of the Seikitsu (Neutral)Guest of Honor (Crane)Guidance of the Ancestors (Lion)Hall of Victories (Lion)Hand to Hand (Lion)Hantei Daisetsu (Neutral)Hantei Sotorii (Neutral)Hantei XXXVIII (Neutral)Harmonize (Phoenix)Haughty Magistrate (Phoenix)Hawk Tattoo (Dragon)Heartless Intimidator (Scorpion)Heavy Ballista (Crab)Height of Fashion (Crane)Henshin Disciple (Phoenix)Henshin Mysteries (Phoenix)Hero of Three Trees (Lion)Heroic Resolve (Lion)Hida Amoro (Crab)Hida Guardian (Crab)Hida Kisada (Crab)Hida Kotoe (Crab)Hida O-Ushi (Crab)Hida Secretkeeper (Crab)Hida Sugi (Crab)Hida Sukune (Crab)Hida Tomonatsu (Crab)Hida Tsuru (Crab)Hida Yakamo (Crab)Hidden Moon Dōjō (Scorpion)Hige's Sermon (Neutral)High House of Light (Dragon)High Kick (Dragon)Highlight the Flaws (Crane)Hiruma Ambusher (Crab)Hiruma Kogoe (Crab)Hiruma Outpost (Crab)Hiruma Signaller (Crab)Hiruma Skirmisher (Crab)Hiruma Yōjimbō (Crab)Hiruma Yoshino (Crab)Hisu Mori Toride (Lion)Hisu Mori Toride (Unicorn)Hito District (Lion)Hitsu-do Disciple (Dragon)Honed Nodachi (Crab)Honest Challenger (Unicorn)Honor in Battle (Lion)Honorable Challenger (Lion)Honored Blade (Lion)Honored General (Lion)Humble Magistrate (Neutral)Hurricane Punch (Dragon)I Am Ready (Unicorn)I Can Swim (Scorpion)Iaijutsu Master (Crane)Ichigenkin Soloist (Crane)Ichirō (Neutral)Icon of Favor (Crane)Ide Messenger (Unicorn)Ide Negotiator (Unicorn)Ide Ryōma (Unicorn)Ide Tadaji (Unicorn)Ide Trader (Unicorn)Ignoble Enforcers (Scorpion)Ikebana Artisan (Crane)Ikoma Anakazu (Lion)Ikoma Eiji (Lion)Ikoma Ikehata (Lion)Ikoma Kiyono (Lion)Ikoma Orator (Lion)Ikoma Prodigy (Lion)Ikoma Reservist (Lion)Ikoma Tsanuri (Lion)Ikoma Ujiaki (Lion)Illustrious Forge (Neutral)Illustrious Plagiarist (Scorpion)Imperial Librarian (Neutral)Imperial Storehouse (Neutral)Implacable Magistrate (Lion)Impulsive Novice (Dragon)In Defense of Rokugan (Crab)In Service to My Lord (Lion)Indomitable Will (Dragon)Inferno Guard Invoker (Phoenix)Infiltrator (Scorpion)Infiltrator's Tools (Scorpion)Inquisitive Ishika (Phoenix)Insolent Outcast (Neutral)Insolent Rival (Scorpion)Inspired Visionary (Phoenix)Insult to Injury (Crane)Intimidating Hida (Crab)Into the Forbidden City (Neutral)Invocation of Ash (Unicorn)Invoke the Divine (Phoenix)Iron Crane Legion (Crane)Iron Foundations Stance (Dragon)Iron Mine (Crab)Isawa Atsuko (Phoenix)Isawa Eju (Phoenix)Isawa Heiko (Phoenix)Isawa Kaede (Phoenix)Isawa Masahiro (Phoenix)Isawa Mori Seidō (Phoenix)Isawa Pilgrim (Phoenix)Isawa Tadaka (Phoenix)Isawa Tadaka (Phoenix)Isawa Tsuke (Phoenix)Isawa Ujina (Phoenix)Isawa Uona (Phoenix)Ishiken Initiate (Phoenix)Issue a Challenge (Crane)Itinerant Philosopher (Dragon)Iuchi Daiyu (Unicorn)Iuchi Farseer (Unicorn)Iuchi Rimei (Unicorn)Iuchi Shahai (Unicorn)Iuchi Wayfinder (Unicorn)Ivory Kingdoms Unicorn (Neutral)Iwasaki Pupil (Crane)Jade Masterpiece (Dragon)Jade Tetsubō (Crab)Jewel of the Khamasīn (Unicorn)Jurōjin's Curse (Phoenix)Justicar's Approach (Dragon)Kabuki Hero (Crane)Kaito Kosori (Phoenix)Kaito Nobukai (Phoenix)Kaito Temple Protector (Phoenix)Kaiu Envoy (Crab)Kaiu Forges (Crab)Kaiu Inventor (Crab)Kaiu Shihobu (Crab)Kaiu Shuichi (Crab)Kaiu Siege Force (Crab)Kakita Asami (Crane)Kakita Blade (Crane)Kakita Dōjō (Crane)Kakita Favorite (Crane)Kakita Kaezin (Crane)Kakita Ryoku (Crane)Kakita Toshimoko (Crane)Kakita Yoshi (Crane)Kakita Yoshi (Crane)Kakita Yuri (Crane)Kakita's Final Stance (Crane)Kamayari (Lion)Kami Unleashed (Neutral)Kanjo District (Phoenix)Kansen Haunt (Neutral)Karada District (Crab)Karmic Balance (Dragon)Karmic Teachings (Dragon)Karmic Twist (Phoenix)Katana of Fire (Phoenix)Keeper Initiate (Neutral)Keeper of AirKeeper of EarthKeeper of FireKeeper of Secret Names (Unicorn)Keeper of VoidKeeper of WaterKenson no Gakka (Lion)Khan's Ordu (Unicorn)Kiku Matsuri (Neutral)Kirei-ko (Scorpion)Kitsu Motso (Lion)Kitsu Spiritcaller (Lion)Kitsu Warrior (Lion)Kitsuki Counselor (Dragon)Kitsuki Investigator (Dragon)Kitsuki Jusai (Dragon)Kitsuki Kagi (Dragon)Kitsuki Shomon (Dragon)Kitsuki Yaruma (Dragon)Kitsuki Yuikimi (Dragon)Kitsuki's Method (Dragon)Know the Terrain (Unicorn)Know the World (Phoenix)Kobo Ichi-Kai Jūjutsu (Crab)Kudaka (Neutral)Kujira's Hireling (Neutral)Kuni Laboratory (Crab)Kuni Ritsuko (Crab)Kuni Wasteland (Crab)Kuni Yori (Crab)Kuroi Mori (Phoenix)Kyūden Bayushi (Scorpion)Kyūden Hida (Crab)Kyūden Ikoma (Lion)Kyūden Isawa (Phoenix)Kyūden Kakita (Crane)Leniency (Unicorn)Let Go (Dragon)Letter from the Daimyō (Crane)Levy (Crab)Liar's Mask (Scorpion)Licensed Quarter (Scorpion)Lion's Pride Brawler (Lion)Loyal Challenger (Scorpion)Magistrate of Reason (Dragon)Magistrate Station (Crane)Magnificent Kimono (Phoenix)Magnificent Lighthouse (Phoenix)Magnificent Triumph (Dragon)Make an Opening (Scorpion)Maker of Keepsakes (Crane)Manicured Garden (Neutral)Mantis Seafarer (Neutral)Mantis Tenkinja (Neutral)Mantra of Air (Dragon)Mantra of Earth (Dragon)Mantra of Fire (Dragon)Mantra of Water (Dragon)Marauding Oni (Neutral)Mark of Shame (Scorpion)Market of Kaze-no-Kami (Crane)Massing at Twilight (Neutral)Master Alchemist (Dragon)Master of Gisei Toshi (Phoenix)Master of the Spear (Lion)Master of the Swift Waves (Unicorn)Matsu Agetoki (Lion)Matsu Beiona (Lion)Matsu Berserker (Lion)Matsu Gohei (Lion)Matsu Koso (Lion)Matsu Mitsuko (Lion)Matsu Seventh Legion (Lion)Matsu Swiftspear (Lion)Matsu Tsuko (Lion)Matsu Tsuko (Lion)Maze of Illusion (Scorpion)Meddling Mediator (Phoenix)Meditations on the Tao (Neutral)Meek Informant (Scorpion)Meishōdō Wielder (Unicorn)Menacing Iron Warrior (Crane)Merchant of Curiosities (Unicorn)Midnight Prowler (Scorpion)Midnight Revels (Neutral)Minami Kaze Regulars (Unicorn)Mirumoto Dōjō (Dragon)Mirumoto Daishō (Dragon)Mirumoto Hitomi (Dragon)Mirumoto Masashige (Dragon)Mirumoto Prodigy (Dragon)Mirumoto Raitsugu (Dragon)Mirumoto's Fury (Dragon)Misinformation (Scorpion)Miwaku Kabe (Neutral)Miwaku Kabe Guard (Lion)Miya Library (Neutral)Miya Mystic (Neutral)Miya Satoshi (Neutral)Miyako's Undertaking (Scorpion)Model of Courtesy (Crane)Moment of Perfect Beauty (Crane)Monastery Protector (Dragon)Mono no Aware (Neutral)Moto Ariq (Unicorn)Moto Chagatai (Unicorn)Moto Eviscerator (Neutral)Moto Horde (Unicorn)Moto Juro (Unicorn)Moto Nergüi (Unicorn)Moto Outrider (Unicorn)Moto Youth (Unicorn)Mountain's Anvil Castle (Dragon)Mountaintop Statuary (Dragon)My Ancestor's Strength (Lion)Naive Student (Phoenix)Natural Negotiator (Unicorn)Nezumi Infiltrator (Crab)Night Raid (Neutral)Ninkatoshi (Lion)Niten (Dragon)Niten Adept (Dragon)Niten Master (Dragon)Niten Pupil (Dragon)Noble Sacrifice (Crane)Northern Curtain Wall (Crab)Northern Wall Sensei (Dragon)Noteworthy Deeds (Neutral)Obstinate Recruit (Lion)Offer Testimony (Neutral)Ofushikai (Phoenix)Oni Mask (Scorpion)Opium Wastrel (Scorpion)Oracle of Stone (Phoenix)Origami Master (Crane)Ornate Fan (Neutral)Otomo Courtier (Neutral)Outflank (Unicorn)Outskirts Sentry (Unicorn)Outwit (Neutral)Overhear (Neutral)Overlooked Virtues (Neutral)Pacifism (Phoenix)Pacifist Philosopher (Phoenix)Palace Guard (Scorpion)Paragon of Grace (Crane)Paralyzing Delicacy (Scorpion)Pathfinder's Blade (Crab)Peasant's Advice (Neutral)Perceptive Kitsuki (Dragon)Perfect Guest (Crane)Perfect Land Ethos (Neutral)Persuasive Councelor (Lion)Petal Village Estate (Scorpion)Pilgrimage (Neutral)Pillow Book (Crane)Pit Trap (Crab)Policy Debate (Neutral)Political Rival (Crane)Political Sanction (Crane)Pragmatism (Crab)Prayers to Ebisu (Neutral)Prepare for War (Lion)Press of Battle (Unicorn)Privileged Position (Lion)Prodigy of the Waves (Phoenix)Proving Ground (Neutral)Prudent Challenger (Dragon)Public Forum (Neutral)Purifier Apprentice (Crab)Purity of Spirit (Phoenix)Quarrelsome Youth (Lion)Radiant Orator (Phoenix)Raging Battleground (Lion)Raise the Alarm (Crab)Rally to the Cause (Neutral)Reader of Omens (Phoenix)Ready for Battle (Lion)Rebuild (Crab)Reclusive Zokujin (Scorpion)Regal Bearing (Lion)Reinforced Plate (Crab)Reprieve (Crab)Restoration of Balance (Dragon)Restored Heirloom (Lion)Retreat (Neutral)Return the Offense (Crane)Ride Them Down (Unicorn)Right Hand of the Emperor (Lion)Righteous Akodo (Lion)Righteous Delegate (Phoenix)Righteous Magistrate (Neutral)Ring of Binding (Unicorn)Riot in the Streets (Neutral)Rising Stars Kata (Dragon)River of the Last Stand (Crab)Root Out Heresy (Crab)Rout (Neutral)Roving Michibiku (Phoenix)Saadiyah al-Mozedu (Unicorn)Sabotage (Neutral)Sacred Sanctuary (Dragon)Sadane Student (Crane)Sage of Gisei Toshi (Phoenix)Sake House Confidant (Scorpion)Samurai of Integrity (Lion)Sanpuku Seidō (Phoenix)Sashimono (Lion)Savvy Politician (Crane)Scene of the Crime (Dragon)Seal of the Crab (Crab)Seal of the Crane (Crane)Seal of the Dragon (Dragon)Seal of the Lion (Lion)Seal of the Phoenix (Phoenix)Seal of the Scorpion (Scorpion)Seal of the Unicorn (Unicorn)Secluded Shrine (Phoenix)Secluded Temple (Dragon)Second ChancesSecret Cache (Scorpion)Seeker Initiate (Neutral)Seeker of AirSeeker of EarthSeeker of Enlightenment (Dragon)Seeker of FireSeeker of Knowledge (Phoenix)Seeker of VoidSeeker of WaterSeeking the Truth (Neutral)Seize the Day (Neutral)Sententious Poet (Crane)Seppun Guardsman (Neutral)Seppun Hidden Guard (Neutral)Seppun Ishikawa (Neutral)Seppun Truthseeker (Neutral)Serene Warrior (Phoenix)Seven Stings Keep (Scorpion)Seventh Tower (Crab)Severed From the Stream (Phoenix)Shadowed Alleyway (Scorpion)Shadowlands Hunter (Crab)Shameful Display (Neutral)Shameless Gossip (Scorpion)Sharpen the Mind (Lion)Sharpened Tsuruhashi (Crab)Shiba Peacemaker (Phoenix)Shiba Sophist (Phoenix)Shiba Tetsu (Phoenix)Shiba Tsukune (Phoenix)Shiba Yōjimbō (Phoenix)Shiksha Scout (Unicorn)Shinjo Altansarnai (Unicorn)Shinjo Ambusher (Unicorn)Shinjo Gunsō (Unicorn)Shinjo Haruko (Unicorn)Shinjo Kyōra (Unicorn)Shinjo Outrider (Unicorn)Shinjo Saddle (Unicorn)Shinjo Scout (Unicorn)Shinjo Shono (Unicorn)Shinjo Tatsuo (Unicorn)Shinjo Trailblazer (Unicorn)Shinjo Yasamura (Unicorn)Shinomen Wayfinders (Unicorn)Shinsei's Last Hope (Crab)Shintao Monastery (Dragon)Shiotome Encampment (Unicorn)Shiotome Heroine (Unicorn)Shiro Kitsuki (Dragon)Shiro Nishiyama (Crab)Shiro Shinjo (Unicorn)Shizuka Toshi (Crane)Shosuro Actress (Scorpion)Shosuro Denmaru (Scorpion)Shosuro Hametsu (Scorpion)Shosuro Hyobu (Scorpion)Shosuro Ibuki (Scorpion)Shosuro Miyako (Scorpion)Shosuro Miyako (Scorpion)Shosuro Sadako (Scorpion)Shosuro Takao (Scorpion)Shrewd Yasuki (Crab)Shrine Maiden (Phoenix)Shukujo (Crane)Siege Captain (Crab)Siege Warfare (Crab)Silver-Tongued Magistrate (Crane)Sincere Challenger (Phoenix)Sinister Soshi (Scorpion)Slaughtered Village (Crab)Slovenly Scavenger (Neutral)Smoke (Dragon)Smoke and Mirrors (Scorpion)Smuggler's Cove (Neutral)Smuggling Deal (Crab)Sneaky Shinjo (Unicorn)Social Puppeteer (Scorpion)Softskin (Scorpion)Solemn Scholar (Phoenix)Solitary Strength (Dragon)Soshi Aoi (Scorpion)Soshi Illusionist (Scorpion)Soshi Shadowshaper (Scorpion)Soshi Shiori (Scorpion)Soul Beyond Reproach (Crane)Speak to the Heart (Unicorn)Specialized Defenses (Crab)Spies at Court (Neutral)Spoils of War (Unicorn)Spreading the Darkness (Crab)Spyglass (Unicorn)Staging Ground (Lion)Stand Your Ground (Lion)Starry Heaven Sanctuary (Phoenix)Staunch Hida (Crab)Stay Your Hand (Neutral)Steadfast Samurai (Lion)Steadfast Witch Hunter (Crab)Steward of Law (Crane)Steward of the Rich Frog (Lion)Stoic Gunsō (Crab)Stoic Magistrate (Crab)Stolen Breath (Scorpion)Stolen Secrets (Scorpion)Storied Defeat (Crane)Strategic Weakpoint (Crab)Strength in Numbers (Lion)Stride the Waves (Phoenix)Student of Anatomies (Crab)Student of Esoterica (Phoenix)Student of War (Lion)Subdue the Spirits (Phoenix)Subterranean Guile (Crab)Supernatural Storm (Phoenix)Support of the CrabSupport of the CraneSupport of the DragonSupport of the LionSupport of the PhoenixSupport of the ScorpionSupport of the UnicornSwift Magistrate (Unicorn)Tactical Ingenuity (Lion)Tactician's Apprentice (Lion)Tactician's Camp (Lion)Tainted Hero (Crab)Tainted Koku (Scorpion)Talisman of the Sun (Unicorn)Taoist Adept (Dragon)Taryū-Jiai (Phoenix)Tattered Missive (Neutral)Tattooed Wanderer (Dragon)Teachings of the Elements (Phoenix)Tears of Amaterasu (Neutral)Temple of Daikoku (Neutral)Temple of Jikoju (Neutral)Temple of Osano-wo (Neutral)Temple of Shinsei's Wisdom (Neutral)Temple of the Dragons (Neutral)Temple of the Thunders (Neutral)Tengu Sensei (Crane)Test of Courage (Lion)Test of Skill (Crane)The Art of Peace (Crane)The Art of War (Lion)The Crashing Wave (Crab)The Fires of Justice (Lion)The Imperial Palace (Neutral)The Mirror's Gaze (Crane)The Mountain Does Not Fall (Crab)The Path of Man (Phoenix)The Perfect Gift (Crane)The Spear Rushes Forth (Crane)The Stone of Sorrows (Dragon)The Strength of the Mountain (Crab)The Wrath of the Kami (Dragon)Third Tower Guard (Crab)Third Whisker Warrens (Crab)Those Who Serve (Neutral)Time for War (Lion)Tireless Sōdan Senzo (Lion)Togashi Acolyte (Dragon)Togashi Gaijutsu (Dragon)Togashi Hoshi (Dragon)Togashi Ichi (Dragon)Togashi Initiate (Dragon)Togashi Kazue (Dragon)Togashi Mendicant (Dragon)Togashi Mitsu (Dragon)Togashi Mitsu (Dragon)Togashi Tadakatsu (Dragon)Togashi Yokuni (Dragon)Togashi Yoshi (Dragon)Toshi Ranbo (Scorpion)Total Warfare (Lion)Trading on the Sand Road (Neutral)Tranquil Philosopher (Dragon)Tranquility (Dragon)Traveling Philosopher (Dragon)True Strike Kenjutsu (Lion)Trusted Advisor (Dragon)Truthseeker (Dragon)Try Again Tomorrow (Crane)Twilight Rider (Unicorn)Two-Heavens Technique (Dragon)Ujik Tactics (Unicorn)Unassuming Yōjimbō (Scorpion)Unfulfilled Duty (Unicorn)Unified Company (Lion)Unleash the Djinn (Unicorn)Unmask (Scorpion)Unmatched Expertise (Phoenix)Unspoken Etiquette (Scorpion)Untamed Steppe (Unicorn)Unveiled Destiny (Neutral)Unyielding Sensei (Crab)Upholding Authority (Neutral)Utaku Battle Steed (Unicorn)Utaku Infantry (Unicorn)Utaku Kamoko (Unicorn)Utaku Mediator (Unicorn)Utaku Rumaru (Unicorn)Utaku Tetsuko (Unicorn)Utaku Yumino (Unicorn)Valiant Oathkeeper (Phoenix)Vanguard Warrior (Crab)Vassal Fields (Neutral)Venerable Historian (Lion)Vengeful Berserker (Crab)Vengeful Oathkeeper (Lion)Vine Tattoo (Dragon)Visiting Advisor (Unicorn)Voice of Honor (Crane)Voice of the Ancestors (Lion)Void Fist (Dragon)Volcanic Troll (Dragon)Walking the Way (Neutral)Wandering Ronin (Neutral)Waning Hostilities (Neutral)War Dog Master (Unicorn)Warden of the Damned (Crab)Warm Welcome (Neutral)Warrior Poet (Unicorn)Warriors of the Wind (Unicorn)Watch Commander (Crab)Watchtower of Valor (Crab)Way of the Chrysanthemum (Neutral)Way of the Crab (Crab)Way of the Crane (Crane)Way of the Dragon (Dragon)Way of the Lion (Lion)Way of the Phoenix (Phoenix)Way of the Scorpion (Scorpion)Way of the Unicorn (Unicorn)Wayfarer's Camp (Unicorn)Web of Lies (Scorpion)Wholeness of the World (Phoenix)Wicked Tetsubō (Crab)Wild Stallion (Unicorn)Wildfire Kick (Dragon)Winds of Change (Phoenix)Windswept Yurt (Unicorn)Winter Court Hosts (Crane)Withstand the Darkness (Crab)Writ of Authority (Lion)Written in the Stars (Dragon)Yōjin no Shiro (Lion)Yasuki Broker (Crab)Yasuki Fuzake (Crab)Yasuki Hatsu (Crab)Yasuki Hikaru (Crab)Yasuki Oguri (Crab)Yasuki Procurer (Crab)Yasuki Taka (Crab)Yogo Asami (Scorpion)Yogo Hiroue (Scorpion)Yogo Kikuyo (Scorpion)Yogo Outcast (Scorpion)Yogo Preserver (Scorpion)Yoritomo (Neutral)Young Harrier (Crane)Young Rumormonger (Scorpion)Young Warrior (Unicorn)