I don't know what you're selling, but I'm buying it!
This looks like a deck worth playing, just because of the deck write-up. I'm gonna feel a bit bad, but I'm gonna give it a go.
TYVM for your comments Brian and Daigotsu, greatly appreciate those!
If you have a chance, send me a link to your deck, I'll bet it rocks bro!
I picked Policy Debate and Maze of Illusion mainly to have some control over the dial and have no issues playing out the Infiltrators, under normal circumstances 'Forged Edict' is WAY better option, if I was to do the swap I would probably go down to 2 infiltrators.
Man that 'Seppun Truthseeker' sounds great! Any suggestion on what to hack out?
Raikoh-san, I'm trying that exact Phoenix splash in my version of this deck, which is running a lot more Shinobi support than this. I've only played it once, but I think I like this deck better!

One thing though - Policy Debate over Forged Edict? And no Seppun Truthseeker?
Yeah I had come to that conclusion myself after a few games yesterday! I’ve taken out the two Mountain Does Not Fall’s for 2x Hiruma Skirmishers although the. I’ve still got 5 influence that I’m not making use of.

Also not convinced Brother’s Moon Dojo is worth it.
I would personally think about substituting out the meek informant for Hiruma skirmisher to really press the aggressive factor. You'd have to cut a reprieve or mountain does not fall to get the two copies in their but could up on either the liar's mask or katana
i love the Yoritomo as any Mantis love is great in my opinion but not sure you can justify the cost here as you burn a lot of your fate for spells and attachments leaving his force bonuses a little light. MAy be better swapping him for a thrid Tadaka and 2 Keade's or a couple of Master og Gisei Toshis
This looks like fun Solafide5!
If I was to use your build I would probably try to add 'Shiba Tetsu' and or 'Henshin Disciple' and in the conflict side I would try to up to 3 'Iuchi Wayfinder'... but your build looks violent, I hope you rock with this!
I really like Unicorn splash for crab swarm. Force of the river is stupid good with Yori and Kuni Labs and Spyglass can offset the necessary low bids.
Yes thats something I already learned, scorpions honor drain me quickly. Havent played a lot against crane.

Yes thought about dragon splash too. But after the change to Hawk Tattoo its not that useful anymore, right?
I took lion mostly for "For Greater Glory" and Ikoma Reservist but it still feels lacking.

StD was my way to refuse Scorpion from removing my characters during attacks...
The same with Watch Commander, it forces Scorpion to do something or lose honor while playing their million hand cards.

Good point I try get get the third one back in.

Thank you for your good comments!
I've tried a similar build and while it holds pretty well against military focused decks, a political enemy and some dishonor mechanics will tear you apart. In fact, you will be an easy prey to any Scorpion or Crane if you use assasination and Spreading the Darkness, because, most probably, they will be countered and the honor loss will hurt you greatly. So you should be wary of them.

If you are trying to play this way, I will go for broke. Meaning, try a different splash. Change to Dragon, add Hawk Tattoos and toss in some Fallen in Battle to take out problematic characters permanently, and Let go to ditch Fingers of Jade. Include some Sabotage to discard Favorable Grounds before you make your play.

I would take out StD, you already have lots of Strengh. I don't think the Watch Commanders have sinergy with this build, Fine Katanas and Ornate Fans will help you more on your usual winning condition (SH break).

Finally, find a way to include the third Suichi. Is the best Crab personality out there, you want him on your game as soon as possible.
No worries and honestly I missed it too until I was play testing on Jigoku... :)

Side note, ran a test with Warrior Poet instead of Giver of Gifts and paid off in spades! Granted it was helped by the fact I was up against a Crab Kuni horde deck, but even the availability of impacting the opponents board tied with high glory (for RoF) and Cavalry Reserves made it a slam dunk. Will keep testing and update if that stays the case.

As for the new card, she is a no brainer 3x on this side. Will have to figure out where to slot in the Poets & Tetsuko, and losing the 3 Miya Mystics will be the start as don't want too many Imperial cards that can choke a cycle. A Turn 2 Satoshi with 2 keepers churned feels real good heading into the conflict round. Will need to figure out the other 2 and Infantry and Altansarni may be the place...
And thank you for the reply!

I totally missed the Miya Mystics, my bad!

Yeah I'm definitly happy to see more Unicorn around, even while my Lion is still rolling down the tier list.

Any thoughts on the Scorpion pack character? I feel like it's a 3-of in all Unicorn decks.

Normally you have to just eat what your opponent has in store for you when you are attacking, because you have 0 interaction with your opponents hand, but this atleast makes them feel the hurt in their economy. And it's Cavalry and Imperial at the same time! Both Satoshi and Cavalry Reserves synergy!
Haven't run into the dynasty mill issue as much with this build as Miya Mistics are also Imperial, so gives me 5 targets with Satoshi on board. I've actually considered dropping the Mystics to 2 in order to churn more of my deck with Satoshi, especially with the new Uni-Bomb coming down the pipe.

As for conflict draw issues, have run into that a little bit more than I thought as only drew 1 djinn over the 3 weekend games and only average seeing about 15-20 cards per game. With that said, those are definitely nice cards to swing games and will draw for it in the Dragon match, but the nice flexibility I get from the deck allows me to be fluid in how I go after my opponent and manage the game state. Am tempted to build a version with a draw package (spyglass, Trader, maybe Outrider or Favored Mount), but worried what I will lose in fate cost & utility to gain the edge on draw.

Thanks for the feedback and keep it coming!

I understand the value behind the Satoshi/Reserves/Keepers, but with 2 satoshi/1 Palace, you only have 3 imperial cards. 2 when you are about to use satoshi.

Have you not run into the problem of self-mil completly and then ending up not being able to draw/djinn/assasinate etc?
I love the idea and the synergy that exists within this set of cards. But I keep thinking of things that help you get your opponent to run out of deck.

I keep thinking of Phoenix for Oracle of Stone and Display of Power - both of which can be played to maximize synergy. Also Seeker of Knowledge is a fine drop to keep the honor pressure in conflicts you'll win. Food for thought!
Version 1 of my test Mantis Phoenix deck. I think it may benefit from at least 2 Finger of Jade but not sure what to cut in favor of it.
I did find 4 air spells for Uona just slightly lacking. My current Seeker version of the deck has 2 Benten's touch to shore up the air spells and the extra seeker fate makes using a Benten's Touch and an Against the Waves as a way to honor a Shugenja less painful.
Was an odd strain I was testing. Keeper monks are usually in.
I like the testing of Abandoning Honor and Ancient Master. Rough row of provinces for sure.
Tried to comment on this earlier but it didn't post, so here is my second try. Do you find 4 Shugs to be enough to have your spells hit the table when you need them?
Glad you had fun. I've made some changes, like excluding the Talisman and opening slots to Censures, so check those too. Spyglass is indeed the super star and certainly the reason why I play so many more attachments that can bait a Let go, so that the Spyglass lives.

Let me know how it tests out.
I played this deck for the first time tonight and had a lot of fun. I've never played Crab so I didn't really know what I was doing, but luckily my opponent was Crane which is my main clan so I had excellent familiarity with the other side of the table. My favorite moment was using the Vanguard Warrior to prevent a Crisis Breaker from being watered, though he got tattooed in anyways. Was still a fun play. Spyglass was the all-star, I had two out from turn 2 and managed to draw 2-3 cards every turn. The conflict deck is indeed much more expensive than I'm used to running out of Crane but after some initial sticker-shock I made good use out of it. And Wayfinder+Gaijin Customs twice gave me breaks, including the stronghold.

Thanks so much for making this available and providing the excellent write up!
Why not run Support of the Phoenix if your not running any element or role locked cards
Just a note about Kyuden Isawa and CTM: CTM is an attachment, and Kyuden Isawa ability can only bring back spell events from the discard. Thankfully for enemies of the Phoenix, this means they still can play only 3 CTM at most.
Hi Nu_Fenix. I'm sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment. Most of your suggestions were excellent as you can see from the fact that they eventually made it into the deck. A few notes on the suggested cards that weren't put in the deck:

-Harmonize: I believe the deck has sufficient reactive play already and Harmonize loses to the other cards in the battle for a spot mainly because it is not a spell. I might try it at some point however.

-Radiant Orator: Despite the defensive, dishonor focus, the deck tries to be just as capable of achieving conquest. Radiant Orator doesn't quite fit this plan as it will only ever be good on defense. The lack of honoring support could also mean she becomes a 0/0 a lot, which is not ideal.

-Kaito Temple Protector: The deck doesn't run too many skill boosts, and therefore Kaito Temple Protector only helps to prevent breaks and has a hard time winning conflicts. Because of this, it was cut out from the deck's earlier revisions.

As for Crane Splash, we unfortunately would miss out on the cards that give this deck its identity; most importantly Maze of Illusion that allows all sorts of tricks by manipulating the honor dial. This is not to say that Crane Splash is not good with Seeker of Air. Rather, going for Crane Splash changes the deck so much that it might as well be a whole different deck.
Nice list, as we have discussed, I've been testing variation of my own. Probably AFWTD is an odd addition, because you are opening up to counters and as far as I've seen while playing the deck, the excess fate you get, should be spent on your 'key' personalities.

A version I want to test is with Tainted Hero and Crisis breaker (probably 2 and 2) because they make an awesome couple, and the former is really good for generating more value from your sacrificing.

Also, I think that the two Storehouses could easily be Favorable ground. It makes your Broker participation way easier.
Trying to make a mix from the straight monk deck with help from non monk components :)
I just played the seeker version of this deck last saturday and managed to get three victories and win the tournament. I suppose that Uona with only four triggers may not be very reliant, but it managed to give me a very solid win against Crane by way of Clouding three Guests of honor conescutively with Uona during two turns.

I also think this deck does not rely on Uona that much. It comes handy and helpful when she's there and you have the cards, but I think the deck also works well without her effect (She still is a low cost shugenja that you can use to throw spells at your opponents face).
Hey man, nice to see it's doing well for you. I didn't watch all of the video, but from what I did see, there were some things that I wouldn't have done, but that seems to be a stylistic difference, and it seems to be working out for you.
I had try your deck with 2 games with 2 won
one is below link

One is Togashi Tadakatsu Dragon vs Master Alchemist Dragon

Good luck with your deck.

Why don't you play Upholding Authority? Great way to control the opponents hand. Also have you thought of Formal Invitation? It combos well with spyglass. I would also add a third Representative.

On another note, a third Steward is probably superior to 1Keeper Kami. Even if you need to fire off a ring in defence every now and then 1Kami is too few to be consistent where adding a third Steward would render the Steward+ For Shame combo more consistent
Thanks for your breakdown and incredibly helpful video. A couple questions: with your suggestions for the air role, do you think Uona is viable with only 4 triggers? How many do you think she needs? Also, can the deck survive without the let go's, if we used another clan for influence (in the Kotei environment)? thanks again
Made a few changes based on the feedback my fellow fire-chicken brothers provided:
-Removed Tsukune. Too many 5 costers.
-Removed All and Nothing, as it is too situational
-Added Benten's Touch, as the deck greatly benefits from having lots of honored characters
-Filled the remaining dynasty deck slot with another copy of Bustling Academy
Tried this out at my local games night. Played Crane twice, went 1-1.
Winning first game by sending 4 characters into their stronghold and all having covert for no defenders was amazing!

I still like the idea of Know the World but unsure where to make space for it...
Karmic Twist lost a lot of edges with a lot more uniques in the field. It's pretty solid against Lion still as a way to deal with Spiritcaller and Crane, but everyone else - especially Dragon - can easily play around it and make it dead. Beyond that, with increased unique counts in the Phoenix deck as well, it can be clunky to set up as a pseudo-reprieve as the only big characters you can do this with are Prodigy and Master of Gisei Toshi.
There are some very Flexible options in terms of spells. I'd take Twist of Fate any day, considering how it can remove a stacked Niten Master out of the game. Anyway, I guess it's just different styles of deckbuilding I guess.
and no other spells come close to matching what Hurricane Punch gives. I effectively have a 37 card conflict deck and also get extra raw stats for 0 extra card investment.
It is more consistent than you would think. Considering Shrine Maiden is also a conflict card it is not hard to line them up with a punch or two; and Keeper Initiates are in play the whole game once you see them because it's really hard for anyone to stop you claiming the Water ring. So if you see a Keeper early then you practically always have a punch target and otherwise you just try and line up your Maiden uses with them.
This is my take on the deck with the new air role, haven't tried it in this state yet though.
Thanks for the feedback - I haven't had the chance to build it or try it yet, so it's all hypothetical at my side right now.

Yeah, Hawk Tattoo is getting more and more of something that makes it seem like there is nothing to pick for Dragon Splash other than it and Let Go.

The Imperial Palace was partly because it is so automatic to put in, to make it easier for me to get the favour, if I don't see Academy with Scholars I can try to counter theirs.

Is there anything else you would do differently?
I imagine because it is a free air event that activates that two cost lady and nets a card. Not much down side!
Congratz on 2nd place Travis. I'm really puzzled with some choices though., why the 3xHurricane Punch? You have 6 targets that you can use them with. Yes, it is a Kihou, you can/will draw it with Shrine Maidens. Still it would feel very inconsistent to me. If it's simply to have something to draw with Shrine Maidens, there are more versatile options that are Spells ( Twist of Fate, Know the World, 2nd DoP).
Would you add void fist (or something else from the new packs) and what would you take out? Also, are there any card choices you would have made differently? Way to go!
I have 7 Air cards. 3 Cloud the Mind, 3 Hurricane Punch, 1 Benten's touch
Amazing report. It's very thorough and insightful.

Did you get to trigger Uona much with only 4 Air cards in your deck?
Thank you so much for sharing your list and your experience with it, Travis. This was a very interesting read!
Amazing work, Greatly appreciate you sharing the list and commentary.
I took this out for a try and had some success with it. I did switch out the tattooed wanderers for hawk tattoo. The deck had no trouble doing conflicts and getting the favour via rings, so I feel the Imperial palace might be redundant. Particular with the option to discard your opponents with the academy.
As you are wanting be defensive, have you thought about going for Crane splash and combining with Disdainful Remark? Make it where they can't get through when they have a large hand, forcing them to either play more cards to make future plays, or bid low later on so they then have less options?

Related to that, what about Harmonize for getting rid of problematic characters?

I'm surprised you haven't got Favorable Ground so that when you aren't winning you can bring help, and if you defend too well, you send someone home so they're available for later?

Other defensive cards that call out are Kaito Temple Protector so you can be as big as them before your own buffs, Radiant Orator so you get rid of someone who is making them win, and Chikai Order Protector, so that you don't bow to defend so long as there is an eligible character with them.
I pretty much agree with your assessment. The deck is leaning heavy on the honor theme without consistent honor effects. It is susceptible to dishonor decks. The combo elements make it inconsistent. It is the jankiest of my decks right now but one I love to play.
I took the deck the for a test run:

The good: Azunami is actually pretty strong and can disrupt entire boards. She is, however, significantly weaker against Dragon and Crab, who have built in ready/no-bow effects and. The deck has enough ways to honor characters that you can often take advantage of high glory, so it's not hard to find opportunities to break provinces (except, of course, against Scorpion, who just "potatoes" your whole board more often than not).

The bad: Glory is as much of a double edged sword as it always has been and can end up costing you games. I feel that Uona doesn't have enough air cards to trigger with. Lack of conflict characters and relatively few ready/no-bow effects make it hard to keep up board-wise with the opponent. Finally, the deck might need more card draw against dishonor.
It has been okay so far. This deck is trying to get as much honour as possible wherever possible, and an extra honour from the fire ring is nice. It's not great though, I may switch back to Noble Sacrifice in the hopes of better controlling the big brutes that cause me so much trouble.
Yeah, I like Tsuki and I like Tadaka. In this build I'm leaning on my 3+ cost characters and using my cheap shugenja to fuel Bentens and get some big hits late in game with Ancestor's Strength. Tsuki is good when she attacks after you claim water ring or if she sticks around more than a turn. With Waning as an option I don't want to build up a board to support a second attack with Tsuki and I don't want a third 2-cost to put fate on (right now I do fate up Mediator and Uona). All that said, if I find that having 9 1-costs is too risky then Tsuki would be a good option over Tensai Initiate. I'm testing Azunami right now and in my only game since I got the pack she had incredible synergy with Guard Duty (attacking water after a defense with another character that is now honored) and Ningyo. Ningyo is looking to be a stand out. Also testing Charge Bird both because of charge but also to get that big body in the discard for Ancestor's Strength. If either of those don't work out Tadaka will be back in. He's so warping that it's hard to test out how a deck works when he is included.
I'm surprised to see Tsuki didn't make the cut. Have you considered running her? I also wonder if Azunami can truly replace Tadaka in this deck.
I am suprised at icon of Favor, is this card good? How does it play for you?
Put some bling on your deck and add a kotei placement, you deserve it!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaApn0OXsMY
As of 1/07/18 I have won 15 times with this deck according to the stats I've put on this site, and 7 of those are honour wins. 2 are dishonour wins where I realise it would be easier to push my opponent lower rather than climb higher. Mostly the rest are provinces.
Interesting deck and congrats on the 2 1st placements! Have you gotten any honor wins out of this?
Seriously, this deck was inspired by Bayushi Akai's article on Defensive Dishonor article ( http://imperialadvisor.com/wp/2018/05/29/defensive-dishonor-theory/ )in response to the announcement of the restricted list and as I did not have a huge amount of time to fully test a new deck I tried his 1st draft and won our local Stronghold tournament the week before the Kotei. After that test, I made a couple of changes to better suit my preferred style (4 cards) & took the list to the Grand Kotei in Birmingham.

All in all I faced 2 Scorpion (who were all running standard high bid decks), 3 Crab, 2 Lion, 1 Dragon & 1 Phoenix. All opponents that beat me (Lion, Crab, Crab) proceeded to Top 16 placements or better (T13, T8 & Final respectively)
None of my games went to time & all of my wins were due to dishonor in around 45 minutes. I only mention this because one of the complaints of this style of deck is how long it can take to win, especially against Scorpion & this indicates that it can be done.

Whether you agree with the deck philosophy or not, I highly recommend that you read the article & give the deck a try and hopefully you will come to understand the game a little better (or understand the steps that any deck adopting this style may take).
Interesting build man. After the Kotei in Dusseldorf I'm trying to put a working version of such a deck, however something doesn't quite click in my builds. I run less holdings and different province choices, but my testing also shows that going with conflict chars is the way to go. Thus it makes more sense like you to have few and cheap dynasty chars. How the 3x Waning Hostilities work for you? I tried with 1 and it is ok, but with many of them I feel you miss chances to hit back with unopposed conflicts. Also aren't you wasting your RL slot for a single Forged Edict? I'll try with Policy Debate and Way of the Phoenix in my next builds. :)
be water my friend
I'm intrigued by the fact that you are running Magnificent Lighthouse and no Libraries. How is that working out for you? I'm also very curious about Way of the Phoenix. Has it been useful for you?
Hi ! I bid 5 cards almost every time and with the new SH, no need to draw more cards. No splash because no spells in the other clans :)
I'm surprised to see you didn't include libraries. How is that working out for you? Equally surprising is that you have no splash? Gasp! I think I'm still on the "another clan's best 5-6 cards are better than your worst 5-6 cards", don't you think
After tweaking it a bit, this is my Phoenix build up through For Honor and Glory.