Added: 33 minutes ago
why the ancient master's?
Added: 1 day ago
Edited: 1 day ago
Added: 1 day ago
thank you again for your advice. i has been really helpful to have the flaws pointed out for me. really appreciate it :)
Added: 3 days ago
I like it. But I am concerned about a lack of ready actions. Has this been a problem in testing?
Added: 3 days ago
This deck sucks, but I got to Taryū-Jiai one time to honour Takamori, so that was fun.
Added: 4 days ago
It's definitely getting better. I would say to make room for cloud the mind. And a 3rd let go. With this deck being defensive, you'll want ways to shut down your opponent. Those are 2 good ways to do it. Perhaps dropping hireling.

The [continue reading] best thing I can tell you is to play it and see. Online or in paper. If you notice a card stays in your hand more often than not, cut it.
Added: 4 days ago
Neat idea. I wonder if Policy debate is the right choice here. It is a good card, but you want specifically Maezawa and other political powerhouses do the talking without having to commit a card first. How has it been working out for you?
[continue reading]> Also, with all that glory, have you considered playing the emperor? Thoughts about keeper initiates?
Added: 4 days ago
Added a couple more Bushi to work with the number of Bushi only cards in my conflict deck. Armament Artisan has been added to try and match Crane for number of honoured characters to help with Voice.

Kiku Matsuri added for more honourin [continue reading]g buzz.
By: Kardonnay
Added: 6 days ago
I found I was getting no real value from Charge. Tried FGG but still not happy with the value from it. Considered Policy Debate before deciding to try out the Steward of Law combo. A couple of games in and it seems effective. The real test is at this [continue reading] weekends EC.
Added: 6 days ago
i know this has been kinda heated but i just cant get over Masashigi's post.
Added: 6 days ago
i don't understand. what is this deck supposed to accomplish? (aside from wining)
Added: 6 days ago
Most of the courtiers have been takne out simply because they are not that great. Maezawa stays in though as he synergises well with the stronghold. Instead, low cost shugs have been included as they just have better inherent value. Similarly, For Sh [continue reading]ame is out as it requires a courtier and often needs 2 copies to achieve what it wants.

Favourable Grounds have been upped to try and counter covert and character nullification cards.

Banzai upped to 3 copies, Haughty Magistrate upped to 3 copies, Display upped to 3 copies.
Added: 6 days ago
Great write up and answers Chut! Great work!

Inconsistency has been a problem. Before the pack it was conflict that was more inconsistent, now it is the new costlier dynasty side.

Though it seems that we only have to strea [continue reading]mline it a bit more.
Added: 1 week ago
So to answer two questions :

A lot of 1x has different logic in dynasty and conflict. The 1x dynasty was not something i was doing in the past but more a deckbuilding that emerged post Crane clan pack (if you pay attention i am actually [continue reading] not the only one doing that amongst Crane). The logic is that both Uji and Takamori benefits from less unique dupe on the deck and with running less conflict characters than before but still 9 holdings + Miya, a bad flip with dupe has also more chance to screw us than before.

The 1x on conflict side follow the same toolbox-ish approach that i have since the start of the game. In a game where you draw more than 60% of your deck very often, 1x cards answering a specific situation are quite good.
Instead of running 1x Admit Defeat or 1x Storied Defeat i could have run 2x Storied but Storied answer a specific situation and if i can't use it with 2x in hand during a turn, then it's two dead cards for the turn while when having 1x AD and 1x SD, i am more likely to get use of one of these during my turn.

About Tengu : I tested it a bit but he felt too inconsistent/casino (read super flip dependant) for me. Sure, in some situations he can steal the game but I already have Takamori in my deck who is better than Tengu and has a relatively similar effect. One thing Crane dynasty does not need more post-clan pack is dynasty inconsistency so i am keeping only the strongest "inconsistent" cards.
By: Masashigi
Added: 1 week ago
Why you no Best Birb?
By: GWItheUltimate
Added: 1 week ago
Good Job

don't listen to A holes that says who only win because you played crane... this game is so deep that this comment is 100% retarded.

Congrats !
By: Slyphs
Added: 1 week ago
those one you use why aren't they consistent enough to show up when you need them
Added: 1 week ago
Were you bullied by a real Crane when younger ?
More seriously, please don't come on deck profiles just to whine and rage about your perceived vision of clan balance. Use your self control and act like a decent human being. [continue reading]>
Added: 1 week ago
thank you. i didn't realize as was making this that i could have multiple copies of the same unique character in a deck. i copied this deck and i did work out a lot of the inconsistencies here particularly with the unique characters and the holdings. [continue reading]
and thank you for the suggestion with the Daishio, your right, its definitely not worth taking three. Im jut thinking for defenders it might be good to get a +2 +2 buff.i did mess around with that a bit as well.

thank you for your input. i relay do appreciate it. :D
By: Dydra
Added: 1 week ago
Crane is a TOP 3 clan consistently for over an year now. With their clan pack they become THE TOP clan. Congratz on the win! It must be feeling great to play OP and broken stuff.
Added: 1 week ago
I think you may want to trim down a lot of the 1× cards. Instead choosing characters that work well with what you want to do and running 3x of those. That way you have a greater chance of drawing those cards.
I would also recommend you drop M [continue reading]irumoto Daisho. You don't have any duels, in your deck so It doesn't help. And it has anti-synergy with your other restricted attachments.
Try that, and see what you think.
By: Awen
Added: 1 week ago
Yeah, i change it to supernatural storm
Added: 1 week ago
You have no way of playing Benten's Touch.
Added: 2 weeks ago
Edited: 2 weeks ago
An attempt to counter Crane. I'm sure that this will need to be edited. My wife has been destroying me with Crane against other decks I have made. I'm new and I def see that my Crab deck was not cutting it.
By: Hida_Mizutoshi
Added: 2 weeks ago
Congrats on the win! I really, really like the deck and will definately try it.

Just a few questions on some card choice:

1. Why the Seppun Truthseeker? Just for the card draw? Don't you felt that it was giving your opponent [continue reading] too much of an advantage?

2. Have you considered Miya Library? It could help you fish for Satorii and generally stack your dynasty deck.

3. Since you are playing Appealing have you considered Anakazu? He is also a great target for Satoriis action I guess.

That's all for now. Would be cool, if you could answer my silly questions ;)
By: Merlintho
Added: 3 weeks ago
I like 3 x Iaijutsu master because when you have a character with only one duel it has the same honour loss effect as the diasho, plus its another way to drain honour. without it 3 let gos can remove your diasho and leave you with no way to drain hon [continue reading]our.
The kakita blade can be useful on investigator or another duelist if you haven't got diasho yet as it boosts poltical in duels and gives you an honour, possibility of an honour win along with tranquil philosopher.
By: Ryroma
Added: 3 weeks ago
A bit more honor focused to maintain the "when more honorable" condition of the deck. I've been unable to get a great opinion of Blade of 10k, as all my recent opponents have been on Let Go. Not terrible however, as they're saving then up for this an [continue reading]d not using them on Letters.
By: Stormseeker
Added: 3 weeks ago
More Honor focused than the previous version, am I right?

Please let us know how well Blade of 10.000 Battles works
By: Tsuruchi Hikari
Added: 3 weeks ago
Hey mate! Nice deck! How have 3x Iaijutsu master and 2x Kakita blade been working for you?
Added: 3 weeks ago
-2 Adept of waves
+2 Kudaka
By: Grody
Added: 3 weeks ago
6-1 Elemental Champion Winner : Gameology in Los Angeles

Heyo, so this was the deck I brought to the 17 person EC at Gameology on Saturday, June 29th. The organizers did make pack 1 legal for the event, I had checked beforehand and put [continue reading]this deck together. I had absolutely 0 testing with it before playing it as I play mostly on Jigoku, so I was flying blind a little bit.

This deck is pretty similar to the HMT SoA deck I was already running, but wanted to test a bunch of the new cards – including Sotorii, Purity of Spirit, Zentaro, and Command Respect (which I wanted because I anticipated a high number of KoA Scorpions). Some things worked great and others did not – I’ll go over all that at the end. I wanted to go Keeper for the extra influence.

Quickly – this event was a few days ago so I am already starting to forget some of the smaller details / might misremember some things but will do my absolute best.

Game 1
I played against Crane with unicorn tower splash. Turn one he bought a big character, I believe it was Tashimoko with 2 fate. I bought Artisan with a fate and berserker. I passed my first conflict, as I am always playing turn 1 for favor. He goes in with Tashimoko and hits meditations with the earth ring. No defender, so he doesn’t have the opportunity to duel/honor and I take 1 fate off of Tashimoko and DoP the earth ring. A little bit of a face drop on his end as my splash is not revealed. Turn 1 DoP is just a killer move, especially if it’s on an impactful ring. From there I was able to void off the last fate on Tashimoko and break a province.

Turn 2 I double break using the combination of Charge, Toturi, Purity of Spirit, I bought Satorii, and artisan was still around. Because of Purity + artisan VoH was offline pretty quick against a deck designed to tower with few characters.

Turn 3 on I was pushing really hard on SH, I don’t think he broke another province as all his efforts were on defending his SH, but he was able to hold be off for another few turns before the eventual break with about 5mn left in the round. Being able to honor Sotorii with Purity of Spirit on political conflict (though not use ability) was pretty good. SiN is the MVP card though. Just great against tower builds.


Game 2
Vs Tsar Angus on Crab. This game I knew I needed to push early, and sabotage really came in handy. Turn 1 I do not managed to get the favor but I H2h a spyglass, and break a province. Turn 2 I play it safe but still I believe I was able to take 1 province, double void with Toturi, sneak to take his last fate, sabotage an iron mine and censure for his only rebuild in hand. Just wiped his board. Big turn of the game and pushed through to the end from there. Talisman comes down once I am on SH and I have to break all 4 provinces – just in time so that his rebuilds are now pretty much dead. The game probably lasted 2 more turns before I break on SH.

Some bit of luck, he saw none of his Fight Ons when it mattered. But to be fair I only ever saw DoP until it was a little bit too late to be relevant.


Game 3
Played Phnx with Lion splash I’d end up facing him in the finals. Deck runs charge bird and is probably 1/2 cards away from being really scary. I just felt that everything he was trying to do, Lion could keep pace with. At least new look lion.

For those who are interested at this point all the cards I wanted to test were really just killing it, making my day, except Command Respect. At this point it’s really done nothing but there are two scorps floating around and both are doing really well so I’m sure to face them.

Back to the game – We were both on SH, and he just defended a heavy military push. I was able to get 2x keepers out and win the conflict but not break. I had a political left, but not another HMT mil so he felt pretty safe. He goes into attack on my SH and I believe he needed about 6+ more mil to break. I knew he didn’t have it / hoped he didn’t. So I no defended it and DoP’d his fire ring to honor my keeper. I was then able to push back and threaten a political break. He defended with a conflict character but I was able to SiN for the win.

That was a pretty great / fun / high stakes turn and I felt good.


Game 4
Ah finally a game vs the dreaded KoA scorpion. Vs Zoey Ho too of course (a lion / scorpion player who I had VERY narrowly gotten Lion Hata over at the LA Kotie last year). Turn 1 I do not manage to get the favor or get off a good DoP. She spent a ton of cards though and I had the card advantage, I think 5-8. So I Thought I had at least another good turn of 5 bid before I was in real trouble… but then there comes the 1 bid.

She’s able to noble sac my 2 fate lpb to start next turn, down to 5 honor and I never recover. She’s able to DH my before I can get to SH.

The entire time CR was burning a hole in my hand, but I could never ever play it. Yes the scorp deck draws a lot- but is also spends a lot and because of cards like niece can play at a card disadvantage. So that card, that was here specifically for this MU, did nothing. Game over.


Top 8
Versus a different Crane / Unicorn. This game was very close but I made some pretty sick plays throughout using the combination of DoP, Purity of Spirit, and Sotorii. I think my favorite moment was the last turn.

I was able to get Sotorii and a berserker into my SH push, spiritcaller at home. First I Wotl my berserker, he lets it go off and uses one of his 2x bow effects, at this point I’ve used all my ready for battles. So I Purity Sotorii to honor him and threaten the break, he uses his last bow effect. Then I spiritcall in an LPB, use my 3rd and final Purity, use the bowed Sotorii to boost, and bow his character. SH break, game over.

He was not super excited to lose to Lion, and there may have been some math errors but I wasn’t going to lose that game, I had more mil buffs, attachment control, and options for a political attack should this fail. It felt good to have this many options vs crane duel tower.

Top 4
Again I face the dreaded KoA Scorpion, different player this time though. Things really just went my way this game. I felt I had all the answers. Getting favor T1, double breaking T1, followed by us both bidding 3 on turn 2 – the honor pressure just never got there.

The game ended turn 3 with Ujiaki on SH, flipping 2x spirit callers for 2x lpbs and a relatively easy win. Scorpion player said he was really impressed with this new look for Lion – he was a Lion player in the CCG but never liked what he saw out of the clan until now.

I don’t think I even got a good DoP off in this game, just good stuff lion charge + wotl + favor play really made the day. I did see one fawning diplomat and immediately attacked it to discard. At this point in the night most people in the store are rooting for me, as everyone jokes that Lion finally might be good.

Top 2
Rematch with the Phnx/Lion player I played previously. I actually remember damn near nothing about this match. Just all the tricks seem to be working and the game never seemed that close. Saw a charge bird getting setup and used my only sabotage to kill it. That card just continues to be good, and at times I consider bumping it to a 2x.

In this game I finally did get CP to do something on my final SH attack, netting me about 5 honor.. but I broke anyway and I’m not sure it really changed anything.

At the end of the day CP is not really worth it. It’s the only thing I know right now needs to change in the deck.

Anyway, sorry wrote this when I was really tired and it’s probably a bit incoherent but hope if gives Lion players something to work on!

By: JotaTé
Added: 4 weeks ago
Did you try it with the mantis shugenja?
By: Dydra
Added: 4 weeks ago
Between Lighthouse and Academy you'll be getting 2 chars a turn, so you definitely need to cramp up the conflict characters to 10. :)
I've been toying with the idea too but it's too early for a scholars deck :P
If you want some fresh pho [continue reading]enix either try Bushi builds or go nuts on some Control deck with emperor
Added: 4 weeks ago
Thanks - I updated the write up. I had made some tweaks to the deck and forgot to revise the strategy. Crab is already good at dealing with dueling just from their base deck so the more I test this the more it is looking like a standard crab deck. I [continue reading]still favor Scorpion ally because of Calling in Favors and the added covert. No video for the deck in action.
By: Kotaro301
Added: 4 weeks ago
Is there a video for this deck? I'd love to see it in action. I know you explained majority of the roles but I'm a beginner player so I suck at making judgements.

Also, there's new cards not aforementioned in the deck strategy
By: Thiago Fonseca
Added: 5 weeks ago
Edited: 5 weeks ago
Deck used during L5R Weekender at Rio de Janeiro in all tournaments.

The main idea is still to dishonour your opponent, with a BHC combo + SH + mark of shame's + scorpion shenanigans. IMO, even though the Phoenix splash is more consiste [continue reading]nt in dishonouring your opponent in big combos (DoP + All and nothing), you apply almost zero pressure to your opponents provinces and board. With a AFWTD + Noble Sac, you have a really strong character control, which is pretty good in tower/voltron meta. With this deck, if my opponent gets away from the honour range, than I can shift for a break win. (Actually, what usually happened is that I applied pressure to provinces, then my opponent had to bid high, and then I could dishonour them).

TODO: Tell what were the deck 's highlights to me and what I'd change in the deck :D
By: Schmoozies
Added: 1 month ago
He has a write up on an older version of the deck
Added: 1 month ago
Loved watching your matched vs the American Scorpion. I hope you write up a report at some point about how to pilot and play this style of deck.
By: Hida Zakamo
Added: 1 month ago
Maybe mystic as you have no way to protect your combo from cloud.
By: Pilou
Added: 1 month ago
i like it. i am actually testing one quite similar.
By: bob
Added: 1 month ago
@Togashi Kit

I'll give Legion of one a try.
I agree, court games would be a strong add in this deck (in most decks), but for now I'm leaving it aside (I have a political troll!).
By: Togashi Kit
Added: 1 month ago
Edited: 1 month ago
Hi Bob,

Nice deck! Tried it with some minor changes such as replacing some cards namely

3 Hand to Hand
1 Centipede Tattoo
1 Guidance of Ancestors
3 Legion of One
3 Court Games (deck increas [continue reading]ed to 41 conflict cards)

The increased number of 2 glory guys made Court Games a strong add in the deck.. Furthermore, A Legion of One makes a lone monk very viable especially with Keeper Initiate's free fate..

Hope this helps you if you ever opted removing Hand to hand and have political tech that can still help in military
By: bob
Added: 1 month ago


Right now the deck feels very good, and I have a lot of fun playing it. But yes, hand to hand is the first card I would take out to try something else. I've changed the role from seeker to keeper so I cou [continue reading]ld fit in Keeper initiate.
Mystics? I don't like them.
Added: 1 month ago
I like your deck Bob.

It really eschews a lot of current Dragon crutches and traps to take a different angle.

Have you come across any decks that aren't running too many attachments and found yourself with a handful of dead [continue reading]cards? Or are there JUST that many attachments being played that 6 Fate-side attachment removal isn't a waste?

What are you thoughts on Mystics?
By: bob
Added: 1 month ago
Probably the best deck in the world.....probably...
Added: 1 month ago
Oh and lastly, Restoration of Balance? Still good?
Added: 1 month ago
Hello Komhl,

Couple of questions regarding some of your deck choices.
Kitsuki Counselor- Just a more relevant 1 drop than mendicant? Prudent Challenger seems like a decent swap for this character, but I haven't played many game po [continue reading]st scorpion clan pack.

Keeper Initiate also seems like an interesting choice in a deck with no monk support. I really like that you added Volcanic Troll and he seems to fit the deck incredibly well.

What role does Tadakatsu play? Just a character who can't really suffer dishonor and mess with rings? Do you feel he adds more than that?

Why no Daimyo's Gunbai? It is a free duel that you don't really care if you lose and you can keep initiating more of them and the new ones just get discarded.

How are you finding Good Omen and Game of Sadane?
Would you consider Magistrate of Reason when she comes out?
By: Togashi Komhl
Added: 1 month ago

I'll try to answer some of your questions.

1. For the Dynasty side there are 1x of some personalities and some that are 2x of mostly for flexibility. Sumiko, for example, is not there for her ability, that going o [continue reading]ff is just a bonus, she is there because she is a 4/4 personality with 1 Glory so she doesn't get too weak if she is dishonored. Toturi similar, for his 6 Mil that occationally is worth it. Also so that the provinces don't get stuck increasing the risk of flipping the same Unique in separate provinces. They are also just 1x off because I don't like to buy 5 cost personalities too often since it stops me from bowing the opponent with Midnight Revels sometimes.
On the Conflict side there is only Pesant's Advise. Its there to have a chance to counter Kanjo and Kurada districts, sometimes Shintome Encampment and rarely else. I don't want to draw two copies in my hand. Think of it also as a meta for the top tables. If my opponent sees I have a meta card in my deck he plays differently than if I don't. Assassinate is a good example of that. If I don't have Assassinate in my deck my opponent is free to put fate on good cheap personalities like Brash Samurai, Agasha Swordsmit and Bayushi Liar without any chance of loosing that investment.

2. It's the place Dragon is in at the moment. We face opponents we cannot outmatch in pure stats in conflict unless it's by luck or spending a lot of cards so we tend to end up on the defense more than we like so we better be prepared to do so when we need.
Often I buy just 1 personality on the first turn. Optimally I play 2, one solid and one cheap. Depending on draw there is also the option of buying one solid an play a Tattood Wanderer for ping/scouting

3. Yes. It's doable also because even if you don't have the Daishio the duels still help win conflicts. Kitsuki Investigator and Policy Debate help scout if the opponent have the attachment meta before playing a Daishio and also simply play it into conflict and play Defend Your Honor to counter any Event meta. With the Crane pack (that wasn't legal in Birmingham) I've added Gossip to the deck to counter attachment meta or other useful things as needed.

4. As I see it Dragon cannot simply Brawl it's way to victory at the moment. We don't have any chance of matching the force in play against too many clans for it to be any viable option. Unicorn can easily outclass us there. Crane, with honoring through their stronghold, can probably do the same. Phoenix with their Supernatural Strength too. And when we can match them we do so at a greater cost (more cards/fate and so on) so we loose by attrition in the end.
That is why I opt for this path to victory.

5. It's a delicate balance of picking your battles and try to hit them for multiple duels in a conflict where you can win the duels and they cannot move away. Sometimes it means dueling the weak personality accompanying their larger unit in the conflict and sometimes, regretfully, it means issuing a duel you cannot win. I usually try not to do that unless I don't loose anything by loosing the duel. Like issuing a Mirumoto's Dojo duel when my personality has no fate and so on.

The path of the Dragon is rarely easy and that's why we have the most fun. When we manage to do well we know we have earned it! :)
By: Merlintho
Added: 1 month ago
@hobbyman dueling dishonor requires a patientence and timing. I'll admit that i havent mastered it and it obviously isn't right for you but it does work, i think top 16 in a grand kotei dosent happen by luck alone.
Kohml I was interested in wha [continue reading]t rings you prefered to attack?
Added: 1 month ago
-2 Feral ningyo
-3 Asako diplomat

+3 Miya Satoshi
+1 Censure
+1 Banzaii