be water my friend
I'm intrigued by the fact that you are running Magnificent Lighthouse and no Libraries. How is that working out for you? I'm also very curious about Way of the Phoenix. Has it been useful for you?
Oh snap, forgot about that. Thanks.
Hi ! I bid 5 cards almost every time and with the new SH, no need to draw more cards. No splash because no spells in the other clans :)
For Greater Glory only works on Bushi - Tsukune and Testsuo are the only characters with this keyword in your deck
I'm surprised to see you didn't include libraries. How is that working out for you? Equally surprising is that you have no splash? Gasp! I think I'm still on the "another clan's best 5-6 cards are better than your worst 5-6 cards", don't you think
After tweaking it a bit, this is my Phoenix build up through For Honor and Glory.