Cookie Policy
Bushibuilder user cookies for the following:

1) Profile Preferences: we use cookies to ensure that the site first loads with your profile preferences. This includes elements used in order to surface up your preferred clan colors and languages.

2) Session Management: session cookies may be set up to ensure that your session carries over from page to page.

3) Google Log in: Google authentication will set third party cookies in order to facilitate the signing in to the site via Google. Bushibuilder does not retain your email address or any personally identifiable information from Google. Bushibuilder stores a unique id that specifically identifies your Google account in relation to this URL.

4) Google Analytics: Bushibuilder users Google Analytics in order to track site usage. Site usage tracking is important in order to manage server loads, target new development, and understand what functionality users of the site use the most, among other things.

5) L5R Font: The brushstroke font that is used throughout this site is a licensed font. In order to ensure that the site stays within the license agreement there is a third party tracker included with the use of the font.

6) Remember Me: If you select the 'Remember Me' checkbox when signing in, this will deposit a cookie that helps bushibuilder keep you signed in.