Deck Statuses
check_circle Deck passes all Rules Reference and Organized Play restrictions.
warning Deck conflicts with current restricted list (see Restricted List section below for details on determining which RL the deck uses.)
error Deck conflicts with core Rules Reference deckbuilding restrictions.
lock_open Deck was built bypassing most of RRG and OP deck building rules and is not valid were it to follow those rules.
Display of Decks in Site
Valid decks will display throughout the site - including home page, deck box, public decks, and in the decks tab on the card view page.
Decks in warning status will only show in the deck box and public decks area.
Decks in error status will not show publically but will remain accessible within your deck box.
Restricted List Handling and Restricted Roles
IL Imperial Law: Restricted List 01.2021 goes into effect 1/5/2021
JE Jade Edict: Restricted List is updated upon release
XX No list: Deck does not use a restricted list
Within one week of a new restricted list or new restricted roles coming into effect, the deck builder and public deck view will begin to enforce the new restrictions. Only decks updated during this time will have their status updated.
Within one day of a new restricted list or new restricted roles coming into effect, all decks within the builder will be reassessed against the new criteria and statuses will be updated across the builder. At this time the status of all deck summaries will reflect the new restrictions.