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by AzgalorIsMyDad    1 month ago
Hisu Mori Toride     (9)    Support of the     person
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person  3  Border Rider
person  2  Child of the Plains
person  2  Minami Kaze Regulars
person  3  Moto Chagatai
person  3  Moto Youth
person  3  Shinjo Altansarnai
person  3  Shinjo Gunsō
person  3  Shinjo Yasamura
person  2  Swift Magistrate
person  3  Utaku Tetsuko
flash_on  2  A Season of War
flash_on  3  Lost Papers
flash_on  3  Ride at Dawn
place  3  Shiotome Encampment
place  3  Windswept Yurt
attach_file  3  Curved Blade
attach_file  3  Elegant Tessen
attach_file  3  Steed of the Steppes
person  3  Hiruma Skirmisher
person  3  Shinjo Ambusher
flash_on  2  Assassination
flash_on  3  Banzai!
flash_on  3  Captive Audience
flash_on  3  Cavalry Reserves
flash_on  3  Common Cause
flash_on  3  Hige's Sermon
flash_on  3  Join the Fray
flash_on  3  Rebuild
flash_on  3  Spoils of War
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Added: 6 months ago
@Rudie40 The sole reason would be to reward you for winning the most consistently chosen ring in the game.