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of 4 players during  (Kyuden Minami Online Lockdown Tournament Part Two) @ Rokugan with deck
of 8 players during  (Kyuden Minami Online League Season 3) @ Rokugan
of 2 players during  (Kyuden Minami Online Meta Tournament) @ Rokugan
of 41 players during  (Test of the Jade Dragon - Online GK) @ Rokugan
of 6 players during  (Kyuden Minami Mini-March Madness Online Tournament) @ Rokugan
of 6 players during  (Kyuden Minami Online League, Season 1.) @ Rokugan
of 8 players during  (Dice Saloon Scorpion Release Kit Event - Placed 6th) @ Brighton
of 30 players during  (Jigoku Training Grounds League) @ Rokugan (Online)
of 5 players during  (Warriors of the Wind Brighton Tournament) @ Dice Saloon, Brighton, UK
of 8 players during  (Brighton Elemental Championship - 5th of 8) @ Brighton
of 7 players during  (The Easter Battle of Brighton - Finished 5th of 7.) @ DIce Saloon, Brighton
of 19 players during  (A Fistful of Dice EC) @ Portsmouth, UK
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by RoninRosko    > 1 year ago
Shiro Nishiyama     (9)         person
    2 thumb_up    mode_comment    call_split    schedule    video_library
person  2  Borderlands Defender
person  3  Hida Kisada
person  2  Hiruma Signaller
person  3  Intimidating Hida
person  3  Kaiu Envoy
person  3  Kaiu Shuichi
person  3  Keeper Initiate
person  3  Shrewd Yasuki
person  3  Steadfast Witch Hunter
person  2  Student of Anatomies
person  3  Vanguard Warrior
place  2  Favorable Ground
place  3  Imperial Storehouse
place  3  Iron Mine
place  1  Karada District
place  1  Kuni Laboratory
attach_file  3  Fine Katana
attach_file  3  Jade Tetsubō
attach_file  2  Mark of Shame
attach_file  3  Ornate Fan
attach_file  3  Reprieve
attach_file  3  Watch Commander
person  3  Hiruma Skirmisher
person  1  Shosuro Miyako
person  3  Unassuming Yōjimbō
flash_on  3  Backhanded Compliment
flash_on  3  Court Games
flash_on  3  Defend Your Honor
flash_on  3  Spreading the Darkness
flash_on  1  Way of the Crab

by RoninRosko    4 months ago
Seven Fold Palace     (6)         person
    2 thumb_up    mode_comment    call_split    schedule    video_library
person  3  Brash Samurai
person  3  Callow Delegate
person  3  Chancellor's Aide
person  2  Daidoji Kageyu
person  3  Doji Hotaru
person  3  Iwasaki Pupil
person  3  Kakita Asami
person  3  Kakita Yoshi
person  3  Masterpiece Painter
person  3  Winter Court Hosts
place  3  Bonsai Garden
place  2  Esteemed Tea House
place  3  Favorable Ground
place  3  Imperial Storehouse
attach_file  3  Fine Katana
attach_file  2  Formal Invitation
attach_file  3  Honored Blade
attach_file  3  Letter from the Daimyō
attach_file  3  Ornate Fan
person  3  Kami Unleashed
person  2  Political Rival
person  3  Steward of Law
flash_on  2  Contingency Plan
flash_on  3  Court Games
flash_on  3  For Shame!
flash_on  3  In Service to My Lord
flash_on  3  Return the Offense
flash_on  3  Voice of Honor
flash_on  3  Way of the Crane

by RoninRosko    4 weeks ago
Isawa Mori Seidō     (7)         person
    3 thumb_up    mode_comment    17 call_split    schedule    video_library
person  2  Acolyte of Koyane
person  3  Ethereal Dreamer
person  2  Garanto Guardian
person  3  Hantei Sotorii
person  3  Haughty Magistrate
person  2  Inferno Guard Invoker
person  3  Keeper Initiate
person  3  Miya Mystic
person  3  Serene Warrior
person  3  Shiba Tsukune
person  3  Solemn Scholar
flash_on  2  A Season of War
place  2  Ancestral Shrine
place  3  Favorable Ground
place  3  Forgotten Library
attach_file  2  Cloud the Mind
attach_file  3  Fine Katana
attach_file  2  Pacifism
attach_file  3  Sashimono
attach_file  3  Unmatched Expertise
person  2  Isawa Tadaka
flash_on  2  Banzai!
flash_on  3  Censure
flash_on  3  Clarity of Purpose
flash_on  2  Cloak of Night
flash_on  3  Court Games
flash_on  2  Display of Power
flash_on  2  Even the Odds
flash_on  3  Policy Debate
flash_on  3  Purity of Spirit
flash_on  2  Ready for Battle

by RoninRosko    > 1 year ago
Isawa Mori Seidō     (8)         person
    6 thumb_up    14 mode_comment    21 call_split    schedule    video_library
person  2  Acolyte of Koyane
person  1  Adept of the Waves
person  3  Akodo Toturi
person  2  Asako Maezawa
person  3  Ethereal Dreamer
person  2  Hantei Sotorii
person  2  Hantei XXXVIII
person  2  Haughty Magistrate
person  2  Seppun Ishikawa
person  3  Serene Warrior
person  3  Shiba Tsukune
person  2  Solemn Scholar
person  3  Valiant Oathkeeper
place  3  Ancestral Shrine
place  2  Favorable Ground
place  3  Imperial Storehouse
place  1  Kanjo District
place  1  The Imperial Palace
attach_file  1  Daimyō's Gunbai
attach_file  3  Duelist Training
attach_file  2  Fine Katana
attach_file  2  Magnificent Kimono
attach_file  3  Ornate Fan
attach_file  2  Pacifism
person  2  Political Rival
flash_on  3  A Perfect Cut
flash_on  2  Banzai!
flash_on  3  Censure
flash_on  3  Clarity of Purpose
flash_on  3  Court Games
flash_on  1  Display of Power
flash_on  3  Policy Debate
flash_on  3  Purity of Spirit
flash_on  1  Rout
flash_on  3  Soul Beyond Reproach

by RoninRosko    > 1 year ago
Kyūden Isawa     (5)         person
    0 thumb_up    mode_comment    call_split    schedule    video_library
person  3  Adept of the Waves
person  3  Asako Tsuki
person  3  Ethereal Dreamer
person  3  Isawa Atsuko
person  3  Isawa Tadaka
person  3  Isawa Ujina
person  3  Master of Gisei Toshi
person  3  Miya Mystic
person  3  Prodigy of the Waves
person  1  Shiba Yōjimbō
person  3  Solemn Scholar
place  2  Favorable Ground
place  3  Forgotten Library
place  1  Kanjo District
place  2  Secluded Shrine
place  1  The Imperial Palace
attach_file  3  Cloud the Mind
attach_file  3  Embrace the Void
attach_file  3  Fine Katana
attach_file  3  Ornate Fan
person  3  Shrine Maiden
person  2  Tattooed Wanderer
flash_on  3  Against the Waves
flash_on  1  Assassination
flash_on  2  Banzai!
flash_on  2  Censure
flash_on  3  Clarity of Purpose
flash_on  2  Consumed by Five Fires
flash_on  3  Court Games
flash_on  2  Display of Power
flash_on  3  Let Go
flash_on  3  Supernatural Storm
schedule Recent Session Reports
Kyuden Minami Online Lockdown League 2
Stronghold: Seven Fold Palace
Date: 07/18/20 thru 07/18/20
Location: Rokugan
Occasion: Kyuden Minami Online Lockdown League 2
Thought I'd take my new Crane Honour Deck to our local groups online tournament and I'm happy to say it performed surprisingly well, a lot more so than I was expecting.

Played against another Crane, Dragon, and Unicorn pulling off one conquest victory and two honour wins. This deck seems quite capable of snowballing honour with the correct combination of cards and although I was drawing low most of the time, I was able to get enough addition card draw out to see the cards I needed. [continue reading]Masterpiece Painter, Artisan Academy, Winter Court Hosts, and Kakita Yoshi were quite the combo, and being supplemented with Honoured Blades, Kami Unleashed, and various other bits of card/honour drain the deck performed really well.

I'd like to tinker with it a little more as I'm still not convinced by some of the cards, but I can't complain about the victory today.
Kyuden Minami Online League, Season 1
Stronghold: Isawa Mori Seidō
Date: 02/10/20 thru 03/16/20
Location: Rokugan
Occasion: Casual Online Tournament
A fun wee online league amongst our local meta. I'm happy to say I managed to clinch it with the deciding factor being my number of most honourable victories.
Warriors of the Wind Release Event
Stronghold: Shiro Nishiyama
Date: 10/27/19 thru 10/27/19
Location: Dice Saloon, Brighton, UK
Occasion: Warriors of the Wind Tournament
Edited: > 1 year ago
Five Representatives of the Great Clans of Rokugan met in the courts, on the plains, and at the Kaiu Wall to clash swords, and exchange barbed words. The prize? An audience with the Khan of Khans, Moto Chagatai himself.

This was the slightly delayed Dice Saloon Release Event for the Warriors of the Wind Clan Pack but we had a nice wee turn out with myself, Guy, Dan, Richard, and mysterious brother Cameron all in attendance. I ended up winning my first ever tournament today, which I [continue reading]am obviously really happy with, particularly considering that I had gone in feeling a little low on confidence having suffered 3 defeats on Jigoku in a row. It seemed that everything went my way today, and I got the cards I needed when I needed them while my opponents, particularly Cameron, drew into cards that were not particularly helpful to them.

Round 1. Win v Richard (Crane Kyuden Kakita/Dragon KoA). I don't remember all the details of this match, but I do remember that I managed to get a combination of Skirmishers and Yojimbos out who proceeded to covert his Doji Challenger who I could then bow with the Water Ring. I think I pursued this line of play on a couple of occasions due to its effectiveness. I did make a horrendous misplay early in the game, while attacking with a Yojimbo on the Marketplace I was winning the conflict but forgot there was a defender in play, thought I was breaking, and passed my action resulting the province not breaking when I had a Katana in hand that would have done the job. I worried that this would cost me the game, but I managed to hold on, ended up with first player on the Entrenched Position Stronghold with a very strong board, and Richard conceded at time.

Round 2. Win v Cameron (Crane Kyuden Kakita/Scorpion KoA). I was a bit apprehensive about playing my brother as we have had many close battles over the past few weeks on Jigoku. Things went my way in this game, and did not go his way at all. I was first player, I passed first conflict, and he attacked with a Challenger I believe into Upholding Authority enabling me to discard 2 x Kirei-Ko. The next two rounds resulted in two terrible flops for Cameron consisting of a combination of Doji Whisperers, Holdings, and Callow Delegates, while I flopped some crazy useful shit like Kisada and Borderlands Defenders or WitchHunters. The real star for me in this game was again the double combo of Unassuming Yojimbo and Hiruma Skirmishers enabling me to attack his provinces almost at will while bowing his non-fated characters using the Water Ring. I can't remember if this game ended in a concession at time, or a stronghold break for me but the outcome was a win in my favour.

Round 3. Win v Guy (Unicorn HMT/Crab KoE). This was the matchup I was fearing the most today. Guy is a dedicated Uni player, is honing his deck(s) for Worlds, and dealt out an absolute trampling to me on Jigoku just a few nights before. My priority for the first round was to try and prevent him from breaking three provinces, but the sheer strength of his attack caught me on the backfoot and I couldn't stop it. I was three provinces down going into Round 2 but managed to not only defend my SH twice, but win those conflicts preventing the ring effects, and break a province on the counter. The end of this round was critical as both boards were wiped save a Ryoma, Borderlands Defender and Shrewd Yasuki the latter of whom sacrificed himself to a Way of the Crab to kill Ryoma. I managed to pull out 2 x BHC in the third round to win by dishonour and breathe a sigh of relief!

Round 4. Win v Dan (Unicorn SS/Lion KoE). I felt in control of this match pretty much from the off. Got a big Borderlands Defender out who did her duty and hung around due to a combination of Iron Mines, Reprieves, and Vanguard Warriors. One of her first jobs was to Defend Her Honour against a Regal Bearing and with the Watch Commander attached the honour drain began. She was soon joined by Shuichi also complete with WC, Skirmishers, Yasukis, and Yojimbos and the final blow was dealt with 2 x BHC.

I was really happy with how I played today and all of the last minute changes I made to the deck (Yori for Shuichi, Funeral Pyres for Iron Mines, and finding space for 1 x WotC) earned their crust at some point in the day.
A Fistful of Dice EC
Stronghold: Kyūden Isawa
Date: 03/17/19 thru 03/17/19
Location: Portsmouth UK
Occasion: Elemental Championship
Edited: > 1 year ago
I had gone into this tournament, my first in just under a year, hoping to scrape into the top 16 and win some sleeves. I did a lot better than I had hoped and ended up 7th overall, crashing out hard to a top Crane player in the quarters. It's really got my appetitie for tournaments back, and I feel like I have made a marked improvement in my play over the length of time the game has been out.

Round 1 v Guy (Unicorn) - Now I don't remember an awful lot about this game as the adrenali [continue reading]ne was pumping and I was so determined to win a game that I was concentrating really hard I think. If I remember rightly, there was a Master of Gisei Toshi out on my second attack on the stronghold (Rally to the Cause), possibly in combo with Atsuko attacking void and obviously using that ring to nullify his events. This meant that capticve audience, and thus cavalry reserves could not be played and it clinched me the game with 3 province breaks each. Guy has designed an excellent swarm deck and it is intense to play against so I was happy to resist the stampede, and also happy to win against him as he went on to win every remaining game and won the tournament.

Round 2 v Darren (Crane) - I had never met Darren before but knew him as a top Crane player and this matchup showed the gulf in class. I was quite nervous about playing a world class player if truth be told. Toshimoko and a Magistrate Station I could not break combined to create a lot of problems, and when the Guest showed up I was left with no options and conceded. Picked up some good tips in the aftermath though, particularly that it is usually a good idea to not attack Crane on round 1 to eliminate the risk of revealing the Magistrate, meaning the burn some resources while you build a board state that can control the game. One great tip I saw here was Above Question being used on my Phoenix cards to prevent me from using events on them!

Round 3 v Lloyd (Phoenix) - I felt like I was settling into the tournament by this stage and was fairly relaxed and focused in this game. Lloyd was playing a very interesting homebrew Phoenix ring manipulation deck and some of the tricks he was pulling off were really sweet. On turn one I got a Shiba Yojimbo out and she eventually became quite tooled up with a wanderer for covert and honour. She then did her job later in the game by protecting the other Shugenja from events and relaly proved her worth in this matchup. Looking back, perhaps more than 1 copy would have been a great idea! I remember in this game that Kanjo came out at the right time, and I managed to bow both an honoured Kaede and an honoured Azunami just when they were posing a huge threat from clarity being used on them. Meanwhile I also managed to five fires (unfortunately without an embrace attached). And I managed to defend a province at just the right time to make it 3-2 in my favour with the first player coming to me.

Round 4 v Liam (Phoenix) - This was an intense game. Liam has obviously played in a lot of tournaments as is a very fast player. He also plays with an intensity that can put you on the back foot. But he was also a good sport and recognised my lack of experience and allowed me to take back some ridiculous moves. It turned out to be an absolutely fantastic battle and was probably my favourite of the day. 3 province breaks each and I had a Tadaka out which was causing damage. Unfortunately for me, a Secluded Shrine was included in Liams final flop, allowing him to claim the Earth ring meaning he could play events again and that was it for me. It went to the wire, but in the end I succumbed.

Quarter Final v Darren (Crane) - Yep, was playing Darren again and although I felt more relaxed, I think this was more of a pasting than the last game. I again hit magistrate on turn one and Toshimoko ended up honoured and causing all kinds of problems again and it was no contest.

I really had a great day and was very happy to come away with all the swag that I did. I think I played well in 3 of my 5 games with both of those games being against a top Crane player and my not really understanding the match up that well. I will definitely be looking to attend or organise more competitions in the near future.
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Added: 5 months ago
Command Respect is definitely on the chopping block. Thinking I may try In Service to My Lord instead for extra ready shenanigans.
Added: 5 months ago

Yes, I totally agree with Phoenix being the other obvious splash for this deck. Have you had much luck with using it?

The combo you describe sounds cool, I just fear that it requires getting the right cards at the right [continue reading]time a little too much and therefore may be susceptible to disruption. Certainly sounds nice though!

The one card I didn't play at all during the tournament (even though I saw it) was Command Respect so that is potentially on the chopping board. I'm also unsure as to the need for the Contingency Plans. They're nice, but when you're drawing few cards, they're often not useful!
Added: 9 months ago
Hey, so let me try and answer your questions, though I'm not sure I have all the answers!

1. Generally on turn 1 I'm looking to get 1 or 2 cheap characters out, but usually 1 does the job. It's a risky strategy as it can often result in [continue reading]two broken provinces, but it allows to contest (and usually win) the favour as well as bank fate for subsequent turns. Against some clans, I feel it's safe to bring out a larger character and sometimes you just have to because of what you're dealt. I have to be honest, I have never in my history of playing L5R hard passed on turn 1, but maybe i'll need to try it!

2. Sanpuku Seido is amazing! Our glory in this deck is so high that its very easy to defend, and that can often stall an opponents game enough for us to get the advantage.

3. I'm quite happy with the Keepers in this deck. As the comment below suggests, they can contest favour, but they're just good value as I find I'm contesting the fire ring often. With the current build they can also be ammo for In Service, but I'm actually going to get rid of that. One thing this deck doesn't deal with well at all is covert so I'm going to experiment with Even The Odds.

4. I haven't included Perfect Cut because I often feel that I have enough honouring and military boost effects.

Always testing!
Added: 10 months ago

- Lion Kyuden Ikoma - Ready for Battle. Forgotten Library (if playing against Honor Lion).

- Scorpion - Unmatched Expertise, Forgotten Library, Ancestral Shrine.

- Unicorn - Holding onto a Cen [continue reading]sure is usually a good idea, especially against HMT. I think DoP is probably pretty good too as there's bound to be a conflict that can't be defended against HMT.

General matchup advice:

- Against unicorn, crab, and scorpion Haughty Magistrate is a great card as I'm pretty sure they have few characters above 3 glory. Apparently against Lion Tower he is good also as all their tower targets are 2 glory.

- Against clans that have no attachment control (apart from maybe Mystics) it is safe to play Sashimonos and Pacifisms.

- Policy Debate and Tadaka are great against those annoying clans that do run attachment control. They're also very good against Scorpion to reduce their array of highly irritating cards!

- Haven't had a chance to test him yet, but I think that Kaito Temple Protector will be banging against tower decks.

- Any Keeper Role may be running Defend Your Honour.

- Courtiers = For Shame so watch for this.

Added: 10 months ago
Going to test In Service to my Lord just to see how it goes. I'm guessing that the dream would be to bring the Keepers out by winning the fire ring, and then using them to ready a tower using this card. I've felt I've actually had almost too many hon [continue reading]our effects, and Honor In Battle is certainly a card that hasn't been seeing much play.
Added: 10 months ago
how is the smugglers cove working out? Im using this same deck atm, but dont like rally under the SH and have switched it for revels to test. Smugglers seems interesting.
Added: 10 months ago
Hey bro, just as a wee note so you're aware before the tournament, against the waves received an errata so its wording has changed. It is correct on this site, but not on the cards, so on the day you can only use it on your shugenja, not to bow other [continue reading] peoples.
Added: 11 months ago
Hey man, I really like the look of this deck.

I've been working on a SoA Bushi Crane Splash using Soul Beyond Reproach for consistent honouring shenanigans, but I have been thinking about using a Void role and trying the same style of b [continue reading]uild somehow utilising the New Name. I really love the simple interaction of giving COP the new name attachmant, preventing her from ever bowing on defence.

How have you been getting on with this?
Added: > 1 year ago
I love the idea of Righteous Delegate and Atsuko together!

I don't really have any suggestions as such, but I do have a question for you. How exactly does Jurojins Curse work in a way that advantages you and disadvantages your opponent? [continue reading]Would it be in situations where they are forced to discard characters, while your board remains populated? It sounds like a tricky card to use (and indeed I have never tried).

As a general comment, I really like all the unique deck ideas you come up with. Keep up the good work!
Added: > 1 year ago
Well done on your performance at Worlds. I saw that the Scottish meta was really representing over there!

Also, this looks like a very interesting Crab build, so respect for making it so far in the tournament with such a variation on the [continue reading] norm.
Added: > 1 year ago
Well done! Really chuffed for you!
Added: > 1 year ago
Looks fun!

What kind of results are you getting with it?
Added: > 1 year ago
Hey Booth,

I'm gonna build this deck and have some fun with it. Just one question - why have you included Against the Waves here? You only have 9 shugenja in total in your deck.

Added: > 1 year ago
Thanks man. I enjoyed playing with it and it all started with your deck Boothberry! I take minimal credit for deck design and just sort of tinkered around the edges of yours, and some of the recent pre-RL decks until I found a balance I liked.
[continue reading]
The only character who didn’t see any play at all was the intimidating hida. He popped up in provinces once or twice, but I always felt other options were better. MVP character wise was the borderlands defender. Once combined with mdnf she is a real force to be reckoned with.

Spreading the Darkness I think is a great card. Yes, the honour hit is big, but the additional safety it provides makes me feel a lot more comfortable.
Added: > 1 year ago
I think the big problem with Justicars Approach is that you have to have some truly monstrous Courtiers around to make it worthwhile. You have 7 different courtiers in your deck (I think), but 4 of them have 0 military skill (Delegate, Whisperer, Riv [continue reading]al, and Arbiter), while the Savvy politican has 1, Kageyu 2, and Daisetsu 3, which might make it difficult to get that card to stick and be effective. Very problematic if you can make it work though.
Added: > 1 year ago
Have made quite a few changes to the deck. I've got rid of an assassination and way of the crab as having 2 is too heavy an honour drain, and everyone plays around WotC these days. I've added 3 x katana and fans to provide some military heft, replace [continue reading]d FWTD with Miyako, added a Yojimbo and 3 x Skirmishers for covert shenanigans and additional honour drain, and 3 x reprieve as I feel that its always possible to get value out of them.

Card draw was badly needed, especially when I start bidding 1 on the dial, so Funeral Pyres have been added alongside 3 x Storehouses. Shrewd Yasukis have been added as they should be able to take advantage of the extra holdings. Favourable Grounds have gone back in, and the number of Mystics has dropped back down to two.

It's possible that I may replace Meditations with an illustrious forge and drop the Levy for Jade Tetsubos or possibly Defend Your Honour in some combination, but time will tell on this.

Overall though, I think this version of the deck can maintain honour pressure and card choke while providing greater opportunity to break provinces.

I feel that Spreading the Darkness is a very important card against Crane so it stays in for now.
Added: > 1 year ago
Defend the Wall may make a better substitute for Upholding, which, if it is revealed late in the game essentially only allows the discarding of one card. That could still be big, but it doesn't seem like great value.

The Wall could provi [continue reading]de value by activating Air or Earth rings in the defence.
Added: > 1 year ago
Thinking of ditching the Mystics or the Favey Gs for 3 x Kisada who is just a beast.
Added: > 1 year ago
All in all, looks like a mighy annoying deck to have to face!
Added: > 1 year ago
Definitely 3x of Toshimoko over Kaezin. Better stats and his effect his much more useful (and incredibly irritating to play against)!
Added: > 1 year ago
I'd maybe try and find a way to get 3x of Policy Debate and 3x of Yoshi. If you have the favour, Yoshi is a big value character in terms of card draw and stats. Get him honoured by using a Debate or Way of, and he's a beast.
Added: > 1 year ago
I like it dude. Difficult to make suggestions for improvement, but one may be to sub Demonstrating Excellence for Manicured Garden. With your role, D.E is 5 strength which means it can be "farmed" to win a conflict and activate a ring effect while at [continue reading] the same time providing you with no gain. Manicured Garden obviously has 1 strength less, but if you can defend it and its attacked again, you are getting rewarded each time there is a conflict there.
Added: > 1 year ago
Hey Booth, can I ask how playtesting is going and what your results have been like? I've got a game against my Crane brother tonight.
Added: > 1 year ago
Wu-Tang forever BB!

I've cloned your deck and I've tinkered with it a little. I haven't had a chance to play with my modified version yet, but having a look at your list I'm wondering, am I missing a restricted card inclusion? I thought [continue reading]of experimenting with Gateway to Meido as it could really feed the sacrifice machine, though I admittedly have no idea how it will actually work in practice.

I'm liking the inclusion of the Student of Anatomies. I think "it"(?) is a nice fit in this deck, and I was also thinking that Warm Welcome might fit nicely, especially if you kept a contingency plan in hand (would WW still work after playing a CP to reduce your honour bid to zero?). Could be crucial to gain that last backhanded compliment or levy.

And a final thought was that Goblin Sneak may also be a decent fit. If you are playing Levy, but you really want the honour then the sneak would be a fine way to remove that pesky last fate from an opponent :)

Looking forward to giving this deck a spin over the next few nights.

Added: > 1 year ago
Also, fucking dig the Wu reference.
Added: > 1 year ago
I played my first game today with your last version of this and really had a good time with it. It was a very interesting game against a Lion Honour running deck exploring the "fewer cards in hand " strat too. That last part didn't really work for my [continue reading] opp today, but I've never played a game where so much of the game revolved around "how many cards do you have" and "how much honour" do you have. I like this idea and I like the new inclusions. One thing I was thinking was that it would be great to trim your conflict deck down to 40 cards. If you're drawing minimal cards each time, you really want to get the cards you want. Softskin seems a great inclusion, and fits better than the 3 x Jade Tetsubo for sure.