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Hall of Honor
of 8 players during  (Brighton Elemental Championship - 5th of 8) @ Brighton
of 7 players during  (The Easter Battle of Brighton - Finished 5th of 7.) @ DIce Saloon, Brighton
of 19 players during  (A Fistful of Dice EC) @ Portsmouth, UK
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by RoninRosko  ●  4 days ago
Isawa Mori Seidō  ●   (7)  ●     ●  High Glory  ●  Aggression  ●  Control
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person  2  Adept of the Waves
person  3  Akodo Toturi
person  3  Armament Artisan
person  2  Asako Maezawa
person  3  Ethereal Dreamer
person  2  Hantei Sotorii
person  2  Haughty Magistrate
person  3  Serene Warrior
person  3  Shiba Tsukune
person  3  Shiba Yōjimbō
person  3  Valiant Oathkeeper
place  3  Ancestral Shrine
place  3  Favorable Ground
place  3  Forgotten Library
place  1  Kanjo District
place  1  The Imperial Palace
attach_file  1  Daimyō's Gunbai
attach_file  1  Duelist Training
attach_file  2  Fine Katana
attach_file  3  Ornate Fan
person  2  Political Rival
flash_on  2  A Perfect Cut
flash_on  3  Banzai!
flash_on  3  Censure
flash_on  3  Clarity of Purpose
flash_on  3  Court Games
flash_on  3  Display of Power
flash_on  3  Policy Debate
flash_on  3  Purity of Spirit
flash_on  1  Rout
flash_on  3  Soul Beyond Reproach
flash_on  1  Subdue the Spirits
flash_on  2  The Path of Man
flash_on  1  Voice of Honor

by RoninRosko  ●  5 months ago
Kyūden Isawa  ●   (5)  ●  
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person  3  Adept of the Waves
person  3  Asako Tsuki
person  3  Ethereal Dreamer
person  3  Isawa Atsuko
person  3  Isawa Tadaka
person  3  Isawa Ujina
person  3  Master of Gisei Toshi
person  3  Miya Mystic
person  3  Prodigy of the Waves
person  1  Shiba Yōjimbō
person  3  Solemn Scholar
place  2  Favorable Ground
place  3  Forgotten Library
place  1  Kanjo District
place  2  Secluded Shrine
place  1  The Imperial Palace
attach_file  3  Cloud the Mind
attach_file  3  Embrace the Void
attach_file  3  Fine Katana
attach_file  3  Ornate Fan
person  3  Shrine Maiden
person  2  Tattooed Wanderer
flash_on  3  Against the Waves
flash_on  1  Assassination
flash_on  2  Banzai!
flash_on  2  Censure
flash_on  3  Clarity of Purpose
flash_on  2  Consumed by Five Fires
flash_on  3  Court Games
flash_on  2  Display of Power
flash_on  3  Let Go
flash_on  3  Supernatural Storm

by RoninRosko  ●  9 months ago
City of the Open Hand  ●   (8)  ●     ●  Political  ●  Defense/Attrition  ●  Tempo
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person  3  Bayushi Liar
person  3  Bayushi Manipulator
person  3  Blackmail Artist
person  3  Heartless Intimidator
person  3  Keeper Initiate
person  3  Reclusive Zokujin
person  3  Shosuro Miyako
person  3  Shosuro Takao
person  3  Soshi Illusionist
person  3  Yogo Hiroue
person  3  Young Rumormonger
place  2  City of Lies
place  1  Hidden Moon Dōjō
place  3  Imperial Storehouse
place  1  The Imperial Palace
attach_file  3  Ornate Fan
person  2  Adept of Shadows
person  2  Bayushi Kachiko
person  2  Meek Informant
person  2  Political Rival
person  2  Shosuro Sadako
flash_on  2  A Fate Worse Than Death
flash_on  3  Admit Defeat
flash_on  3  Banzai!
flash_on  3  Calling in Favors
flash_on  3  Court Games
flash_on  2  Discourage Pursuit
flash_on  3  Disdainful Remark
flash_on  3  Forged Edict
flash_on  2  I Can Swim
flash_on  3  Way of the Scorpion
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A Fistful of Dice EC
Stronghold: Kyūden Isawa
Date: 03/17/19 thru 03/17/19
Location: Portsmouth UK
Occasion: Elemental Championship
Edited: 5 months ago
I had gone into this tournament, my first in just under a year, hoping to scrape into the top 16 and win some sleeves. I did a lot better than I had hoped and ended up 7th overall, crashing out hard to a top Crane player in the quarters. It's really got my appetitie for tournaments back, and I feel like I have made a marked improvement in my play over the length of time the game has been out.

Round 1 v Guy (Unicorn) - Now I don't remember an awful lot about this game as the adrenali [continue reading]ne was pumping and I was so determined to win a game that I was concentrating really hard I think. If I remember rightly, there was a Master of Gisei Toshi out on my second attack on the stronghold (Rally to the Cause), possibly in combo with Atsuko attacking void and obviously using that ring to nullify his events. This meant that capticve audience, and thus cavalry reserves could not be played and it clinched me the game with 3 province breaks each. Guy has designed an excellent swarm deck and it is intense to play against so I was happy to resist the stampede, and also happy to win against him as he went on to win every remaining game and won the tournament.

Round 2 v Darren (Crane) - I had never met Darren before but knew him as a top Crane player and this matchup showed the gulf in class. I was quite nervous about playing a world class player if truth be told. Toshimoko and a Magistrate Station I could not break combined to create a lot of problems, and when the Guest showed up I was left with no options and conceded. Picked up some good tips in the aftermath though, particularly that it is usually a good idea to not attack Crane on round 1 to eliminate the risk of revealing the Magistrate, meaning the burn some resources while you build a board state that can control the game. One great tip I saw here was Above Question being used on my Phoenix cards to prevent me from using events on them!

Round 3 v Lloyd (Phoenix) - I felt like I was settling into the tournament by this stage and was fairly relaxed and focused in this game. Lloyd was playing a very interesting homebrew Phoenix ring manipulation deck and some of the tricks he was pulling off were really sweet. On turn one I got a Shiba Yojimbo out and she eventually became quite tooled up with a wanderer for covert and honour. She then did her job later in the game by protecting the other Shugenja from events and relaly proved her worth in this matchup. Looking back, perhaps more than 1 copy would have been a great idea! I remember in this game that Kanjo came out at the right time, and I managed to bow both an honoured Kaede and an honoured Azunami just when they were posing a huge threat from clarity being used on them. Meanwhile I also managed to five fires (unfortunately without an embrace attached). And I managed to defend a province at just the right time to make it 3-2 in my favour with the first player coming to me.

Round 4 v Liam (Phoenix) - This was an intense game. Liam has obviously played in a lot of tournaments as is a very fast player. He also plays with an intensity that can put you on the back foot. But he was also a good sport and recognised my lack of experience and allowed me to take back some ridiculous moves. It turned out to be an absolutely fantastic battle and was probably my favourite of the day. 3 province breaks each and I had a Tadaka out which was causing damage. Unfortunately for me, a Secluded Shrine was included in Liams final flop, allowing him to claim the Earth ring meaning he could play events again and that was it for me. It went to the wire, but in the end I succumbed.

Quarter Final v Darren (Crane) - Yep, was playing Darren again and although I felt more relaxed, I think this was more of a pasting than the last game. I again hit magistrate on turn one and Toshimoko ended up honoured and causing all kinds of problems again and it was no contest.

I really had a great day and was very happy to come away with all the swag that I did. I think I played well in 3 of my 5 games with both of those games being against a top Crane player and my not really understanding the match up that well. I will definitely be looking to attend or organise more competitions in the near future.
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Added: 3 weeks ago
Looks like fun!
Added: 3 weeks ago
Also looking at dropping possibly 2 Voice to replace with Political Rivals as 4 cancels seems enough and it’s nice to have some characters in conflict.
Added: 3 weeks ago
I’m definitely going to switch out Midnight Revels for Rally. I’ve only played 5 games but by that stage of the game I’ll almost certainly have a 5 coaster out and I think in all those games my opponent has not rendering the province blank. [continue reading] />
Also considering dropping Sotorii and Maezawa to 2x as Pride is a little counter synergistic with cards such as Cut and Purity, and Maezawa is a Courtier. Also, I’m looking to drop the Mystics entirely. I don’t feel that a Cloud on any of my characters, while irritating, isn’t game ending. Attachments on opponents might be a little more problematic. Might throw the keepers in there. Interestingly, what has been happening in the non-Crane matchups is that my honour gets very high and my opponents low, allowing a little bit of pressure to be exerted on that front. I am liking Policy Debate as the RL card at the moment though.
Added: 3 weeks ago
Hi Anonymous. Wow, I would be really interested to hear how this deck performed in a competitive environment! I think the public deck should update automatically, so I have no further updates as yet. I’m meeting our group for some casual play tomor [continue reading]row so may make some changes after that.

I was thinking of Steward as the RL card. I would then be tempted to find room for For Shame also!
Added: 4 weeks ago
After a few more plays of this I'll look to experiment with Charge, and possibly remove the Mystics to replace them with Shiba Yojimbo, simply for the Bushi trait.
Added: 4 weeks ago
I like it! I'm working on a similar build myself but using Keeper of Air, mainly for SbR, but A New Name was one of the new cards that jumped out at me for the very same reason you describe.
Added: 4 weeks ago
Oh, I haven't included Keepers mainly due to the number of times I actually contend the Air ring but as I say, it's all testing at the moment.

I hadn't considered the Emperor. Will maybe try and muscle him in somewhere.
Added: 4 weeks ago
Hey Sev, thanks for the comments. I’m not quite sold on policy debate as the RL card, but I havent played a ton of games with this deck. The games I have played have mainly been against Crane which I knew the deck would naturally struggle against. [continue reading]

I have been considering switching it with Charge and going for a bit more of the blitz style but I would like to test with this build a little more.

The card I’m less sold on is Magnificent Lighthouse. It’s nice when it turns up on Shameful or Sanpuku. Less good when it clogs up the Upholding. Plus, it inevitably means you have to play an additional turn in dynasty to get its full value, obviously denying you the dynasty fate.

I’m considering switching that with Ancestral Shrine which I’ve been led to believe is very good and may have similar effects in allowing double ring attacks. Plus it synergises with tsukune.

The other thing I have been considering is trying this Bushi build with lion splash. We’ve tried similar before, but Lion May have more Bushi synergistic cards. But need to explore that a little more.
Added: 5 weeks ago
Added a couple more Bushi to work with the number of Bushi only cards in my conflict deck. Armament Artisan has been added to try and match Crane for number of honoured characters to help with Voice.

Kiku Matsuri added for more honourin [continue reading]g buzz.
Added: 5 weeks ago
Most of the courtiers have been takne out simply because they are not that great. Maezawa stays in though as he synergises well with the stronghold. Instead, low cost shugs have been included as they just have better inherent value. Similarly, For Sh [continue reading]ame is out as it requires a courtier and often needs 2 copies to achieve what it wants.

Favourable Grounds have been upped to try and counter covert and character nullification cards.

Banzai upped to 3 copies, Haughty Magistrate upped to 3 copies, Display upped to 3 copies.
Added: 4 months ago
I'm intruiged by the inclusion of Vassal Fields, but mainly Illustrious Forge. I presume you are having success with it, but do you ever find you don't want it to fire or that you just end up adding a low value attachment like a katana or fan?
Added: 4 months ago
Nice deck!
Added: 5 months ago
I've been wanting to experiment with a tower deck for quite some time. I think I'll give this a go and see how I get on. Thanks :)
Added: 5 months ago
Nice deck friend. Played with it once and had a great time. I like the above suggestions of keeper of earth/discourage pursuit so am going to try a build of that and see how it gets on.
Added: 5 months ago
Nothing too fancy or original to see here, but managed to take this deck to a top 8 finish in an EC which, for a player of my standard is a huge achievement. Shiba Yojimbo has actually proven her worth in the mirror match and I will have to try bumpi [continue reading]ng her up to 2 or even 3 copies. It has also been pointed out to me that Ancient Masters are great in place of a wandered, and upping the censures to 3.
Added: 6 months ago
Just one more suggestion, how about fitting in a single copy of Subdue the Spirits? Your conflict deck is really cheap and although the dynasty deck is more on the expensive side, i think a 1 of StS would be a nice touch. It could be so destructive i [continue reading]n this kind of high glory deck.
Added: 6 months ago
Also, I'm fairly sure Clarity of Purpose would be amazing in this deck, particularly if you're focusing on defence.
Added: 6 months ago
Loving the idea behind this and am going to use it as the inspiration for a similar deck of my own.

Suggestions wise, how about removing the Ningyos completely? I have done so with one of my other Phoenix decks and have not missed them a [continue reading]t all. Legion of One provides mil pump, and if you really needed it you could add 3 x Banzai for a greater mil boost that is not restricted to just one conflict type.

I'm also going to add the Asako Diplomat to my deck for another way to honour our characters.

Thanks for the inspiration!
Added: 6 months ago
Interesting stuff. Thanks for the write up. I'm keen to give this a try.