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Hall of Honor
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by Rudie40  ●  3 weeks ago
Golden Plains Outpost  ●   (5)  ●  
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person  3  Border Rider
person  3  Honest Challenger
person  3  Ide Negotiator
person  3  Ide Trader
person  2  Miya Mystic
person  3  Miya Satoshi
person  2  Moto Juro
person  3  Moto Youth
person  3  Outskirts Sentry
person  3  Shinjo Outrider
person  2  Shiotome Heroine
person  2  Utaku Kamoko
person  3  Utaku Tetsuko
place  2  Shiotome Encampment
place  1  The Imperial Palace
place  3  Windswept Yurt
attach_file  3  Cloud the Mind
attach_file  1  Favored Mount
attach_file  2  Seal of the Unicorn
attach_file  3  Spyglass
person  3  Goblin Sneak
person  3  Iuchi Wayfinder
person  1  Kami Unleashed
flash_on  3  Banzai!
flash_on  2  Cavalry Reserves
flash_on  3  Challenge on the Fields
flash_on  1  Chasing the Sun
flash_on  3  Court Games
flash_on  2  Fight On
flash_on  1  Good Omen
flash_on  3  Rebuild
flash_on  1  Stay Your Hand
flash_on  1  Walking the Way
flash_on  2  Waning Hostilities
flash_on  1  Warm Welcome
flash_on  1  Way of the Chrysanthemum
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Added: 3 weeks ago
Focus is on taking advantage of economic and honour bonuses through movement, pairing that with fate tax on your opponent, to diminish their ability to break provinces until you can get the Yurt/Rebuild engine running. Satoshi, Warm Welcome, and buil [continue reading]t-in duelling and readying mechanics hopefully support the theme.