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Hall of Honor
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LLO Tournament
5 months ago
Date: 5 months ago
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Added: 4 weeks ago
I like you, but you are a nasty individual for playing this deck xD
Added: 5 months ago
This deck plays by not interacting with the game. In fact, the only times I've seen it lose it has been against a dishonor scorpion deck that didn't attack either (or in enlightenment mirror). I believe that no other meta deck appart from City of the [continue reading] Open Hand dishonor scorp with Shoju can win against this.

PS: I am sorry for giving Kaikou the inspiration to build this deck.
Added: > 1 year ago
Edited: > 1 year ago
I just played the seeker version of this deck last saturday and managed to get three victories and win the tournament. I suppose that Uona with only four triggers may not be very reliant, but it managed to give me a very solid win against Crane by wa [continue reading]y of Clouding three Guests of honor conescutively with Uona during two turns.

I also think this deck does not rely on Uona that much. It comes handy and helpful when she's there and you have the cards, but I think the deck also works well without her effect (She still is a low cost shugenja that you can use to throw spells at your opponents face).