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Hall of Honor
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by Briza    6 months ago
Shiro Nishiyama     (6)         person
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person  3  Borderlands Defender
person  3  Hida Guardian
person  3  Hida Yakamo
person  1  Intimidating Hida
person  3  Kaiu Envoy
person  3  Kaiu Shihobu
person  3  Kaiu Shuichi
person  3  Keeper Initiate
person  3  Shrewd Yasuki
person  2  Vanguard Warrior
person  3  Yasuki Hikaru
place  3  Favorable Ground
place  2  Iron Mine
place  1  Kaiu Forges
place  1  Northern Curtain Wall
place  1  Seventh Tower
place  1  Watchtower of Valor
attach_file  1  Adorned Barcha
attach_file  3  Fine Katana
attach_file  3  Finger of Jade
attach_file  3  Ornate Fan
attach_file  3  Reprieve
attach_file  3  Spyglass
attach_file  2  Talisman of the Sun
attach_file  3  Watch Commander
person  3  Hiruma Skirmisher
person  1  Nezumi Infiltrator
flash_on  1  Assassination
flash_on  3  Banzai!
flash_on  2  Court Games
flash_on  3  Defend Your Honor
flash_on  3  Fight On
flash_on  1  Way of the Crab

by Briza    4 months ago
Shizuka Toshi     (3)         person
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person  3  Brash Samurai
person  2  Callow Delegate
person  2  Cautious Scout
person  3  Doji Kuzunobu
person  3  Doji Shigeru
person  3  Doji Whisperer
person  3  Hantei Daisetsu
person  3  Kakita Yoshi
person  3  Kakita Yuri
person  3  Paragon of Grace
flash_on  3  A Season of War
place  3  Esteemed Tea House
place  3  Favorable Ground
place  3  Imperial Storehouse
attach_file  3  Letter from the Daimyō
attach_file  3  Ornate Fan
attach_file  3  Political Sanction
person  2  Political Rival
person  3  Steward of Law
flash_on  1  Assassination
flash_on  2  Banzai!
flash_on  2  Court Games
flash_on  3  For Shame!
flash_on  1  Gossip
flash_on  3  Let Go
flash_on  1  Noble Sacrifice
flash_on  3  Overhear
flash_on  3  Policy Debate
flash_on  2  Spies at Court
flash_on  3  Voice of Honor
flash_on  3  Way of the Crane

by Briza    5 months ago
Kyūden Bayushi     (6)         person
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person  3  Alibi Artist
person  3  Bayushi Aramoro
person  3  Bayushi Liar
person  3  Bayushi Manipulator
person  2  Favored Niece
person  3  Keeper Initiate
person  3  Miya Mystic
person  3  Reclusive Zokujin
person  3  Shosuro Ibuki
person  3  Shosuro Takao
person  2  Soshi Illusionist
person  1  Young Rumormonger
place  2  Court of Deception
place  3  Favorable Ground
place  3  Imperial Storehouse
attach_file  2  Fine Katana
attach_file  2  Infiltrator's Tools
attach_file  2  Ornate Fan
person  2  Political Rival
person  3  Shosuro Sadako
person  1  Unassuming Yōjimbō
flash_on  3  Admit Defeat
flash_on  1  Assassination
flash_on  3  Banzai!
flash_on  3  Calling in Favors
flash_on  2  Censure
flash_on  2  Court Games
flash_on  1  Duty
flash_on  1  Fallen in Battle
flash_on  3  For Shame!
flash_on  3  Forged Edict
flash_on  3  From the Shadows
flash_on  1  Soul Beyond Reproach
flash_on  2  Way of the Scorpion
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Added: 3 days ago
I have the same feeling about Wholeness. It is good only when eversthing goes well with your game plan. On the other hand it could help with air ring in honor match ups. Kepper role would be better i guess, but haven’t try it yet.

Will [continue reading] keep you updated after a few more games.
Added: 1 week ago
Edited: 1 week ago
Thank you for this deck idea. I was testing this one, yesterday. I had so much fun and it is also pretty strong.

I did few changes. -1 Cycle of Rebirth, -1 Season of war, -1 Master Alchemist, +3 Raitsugu. I am affraid of scropion matchu [continue reading]p and attachment control decks (let go/mystics). I would like to try Keeper role with Defend your honor (-3 Embrance the Void)
Added: 1 week ago
Hi, I am curious what is your update after new RL.
Added: 8 months ago
Oh man, I love this deck. :D I have played 2 games and it was so much fun. And the economy of this deck is so good. :) Need more games to have some constructive report, but fun factor is there and it's important :)

Not sure that Kaiu For [continue reading]ges is worth it or playing it wrong.
Added: 10 months ago
Hello, I like your idea. Do you have any report from testing? Your score in different match ups and how do you feel about it? Thanks