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Hall of Honor
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Added: 1 day ago
How has conflict between kin worked for you? Also could you explain the Iwasaki Pupil?
Added: 9 months ago
Edited: 9 months ago

1) I believe ancient masters are a 1 drop with 2 glory. This can easily win you the imperial favor at the end of the turn. Not a typo.

2) They may all be low cost. But the majority are Shugenja. This means Superna [continue reading]tural Storm recursion with the stronghold could quite easily give you 4+ skill per play.

3) No, I don't think his plan was to win via Honor. I believe the plan was to secure the favor every turn aggressively, to utilise Kanjo district whenever it flipped and have maximum uptime on Censure. Spam cheap Shugenja and break provinces with Supernatural Storm. Tons of action advantage with Clarity and Against the waves.

Ancestral Shrine allows you to trade rings for honor. If you're going to win the favour on glory count alone. You can trade honor for card draw next phase.

That's what I can hazard a guess at.