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by Daidoji Hikori  ●  3 weeks ago
Shizuka Toshi  ●   (9)  ●     ●  Combo Driven  ●  Control  ●  Mobility
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person  3  Akodo Toturi
person  3  Brash Samurai
person  2  Callow Delegate
person  3  Cautious Scout
person  3  Doji Challenger
person  1  Doji Hotaru
person  1  Doji Shizue
person  3  Guest of Honor
person  3  Kakita Asami
person  2  Kakita Kaezin
person  3  Kakita Toshimoko
person  3  Kakita Yoshi
person  2  Miya Mystic
person  2  Miya Satoshi
person  1  Tengu Sensei
place  2  Favorable Ground
place  2  Kakita Dōjō
place  1  The Imperial Palace
attach_file  2  Above Question
attach_file  3  Duelist Training
attach_file  3  Favored Mount
attach_file  3  Fine Katana
attach_file  2  Finger of Jade
attach_file  2  Formal Invitation
attach_file  2  Iaijutsu Master
attach_file  2  Spyglass
attach_file  1  Talisman of the Sun
person  2  Doji Fumiki
person  1  Shinjo Ambusher
flash_on  1  Assassination
flash_on  1  Banzai!
flash_on  1  Court Games
flash_on  1  Defend Your Honor
flash_on  1  Disdainful Remark
flash_on  2  Gaijin Customs
flash_on  1  Noble Sacrifice
flash_on  1  Peasant's Advice
flash_on  2  Soul Beyond Reproach
flash_on  3  Voice of Honor
flash_on  3  Way of the Crane

by Daidoji Hikori  ●  3 months ago
Shiro Nishiyama  ●   (9)  ●  Support of the
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person  2  Hida Kisada
person  3  Hida Yakamo
person  3  Kaiu Envoy
person  3  Kaiu Shuichi
person  3  Kudaka
person  2  Kuni Yori
person  2  Miya Mystic
person  3  Shrewd Yasuki
person  2  Steadfast Witch Hunter
person  2  Tainted Hero
person  2  Vanguard Warrior
person  2  Yasuki Broker
person  3  Yasuki Oguri
place  3  Favorable Ground
place  2  Funeral Pyre
place  1  Karada District
place  2  Kuni Laboratory
attach_file  1  Cloud the Mind
attach_file  2  Fine Katana
attach_file  2  Finger of Jade
attach_file  2  Ornate Fan
attach_file  3  Reprieve
person  3  Hiruma Skirmisher
person  3  Nezumi Infiltrator
person  3  Unassuming Yōjimbō
person  1  Yogo Kikuyo
flash_on  1  Assassination
flash_on  3  Banzai!
flash_on  1  Blackmail
flash_on  3  Calling in Favors
flash_on  3  Charge!
flash_on  2  Court Games
flash_on  2  For Shame!
flash_on  1  I Can Swim
flash_on  1  In Defense of Rokugan
flash_on  1  Peasant's Advice
flash_on  1  Prayers to Ebisu
flash_on  1  Way of the Crab
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Athens Kotei
Stronghold: Shizuka Toshi
Date: 05/04/19 thru 05/05/19
Location: Athens Greece
Occasion: Athens Kotei
My first Kotei!!!

In the end I went 3/3 but considering almost six months of complete l5r abstinence, having to create the deck on the fly and lack of playtesting as well as the fact this was my first face to face experience I got 3 more victories than what I was expecting.

I will try to write a report sooner or later.

The deck performed well and was fun to pilot. I would have probably gone 4-2 if I hadn't made a huge play mistake against a Unicorn opponent [continue reading] during the last turn of the game while I was ahead in points (honor, favor, and 3 breaks vs 4 of hers).

This deck is probably obsolete as we no longer have a Keeper role and crane pack is out but I wanted to post it nonetheless.

Thanks for reading!
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Added: 1 month ago
I like it very much though it seem very draw dependant. The pack is only going to make it stronger
Added: 3 months ago
This deck is not yet tested. It is based on my first Crab/Scorp deck at the beginning of core.

Not claiming it works but it should be fun if not a little bit tricky piloting.

Most junk/fun moment: The look on the opponents [continue reading] face when you blackmail a lone defender on the attack and manage the break mostly with your opponents stat especially if it wins you the game.

Some notes on card choices:
Clouds could be 2, Court games could be 3 as well as Miya Mystics, depending on meta and playstyle.
Added: 3 months ago
Added: 3 months ago
Congrats! Hand to Hand is a game changer with all those beautiful dynasty abilities. Would you try HMT phoenix splash conquest/dishonor?
Added: 7 months ago
Try it with seeker of air. Give up on a FGG for extra fate, a more functional UA and a second fate gaining province instead of abandoning honor. I very much like the idea and the deck. Perhaps add a Collector to help against clouds?
Added: 7 months ago
How is Game of Sadane working for you? Any advice on taking most out of this card?
Added: 7 months ago
I like the idea.
A couple of questions/suggestions:

1)You aren't getting that much mileage out of Talisman with this province row, why not try a seeker approach?

Province row:
Void: Brother's Gift Dojo + Shamefu [continue reading]l Display Air: Secret Cache, Earth: Upholding Authority and Water: Rally to the Cause. (Or if you Think UA isn't as consistent without the Talisman you could swap RttC for Meditations on the Tao and UA for Entrenched or Ancestral)

In which case:
Splash: 2 Favored Mount, 2 Gaijin Customs, 1 Ide Messenger, 2 Spyglass ( I tried Ide Messenger in Crane, she is nice but costly as she is the equivalent of a 3+ cost character in terms of fate expenditure). The straighten can be much stronger than a bowed movement most of the time.

2)I would add meek informant as he is both shinobi and gives you hand knowledge. Court Games could also be good conflict wise, perhaps reducing the number of make an opening.

3)I would also suggest you try the 2 new cards the 5 coster that allows you to play him with three free fate if you lose some honor and the 6 coster that blocks a card since you are playing charge.
Added: 10 months ago
Good luck with your deck.

Why don't you play Upholding Authority? Great way to control the opponents hand. Also have you thought of Formal Invitation? It combos well with spyglass. I would also add a third Representative.

[continue reading]On another note, a third Steward is probably superior to 1Keeper Kami. Even if you need to fire off a ring in defence every now and then 1Kami is too few to be consistent where adding a third Steward would render the Steward+ For Shame combo more consistent