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Hall of Honor
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by Daidoji Hikori    11 months ago
Kyūden Kakita     (6)         person
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person  2  Brash Samurai
person  2  Callow Delegate
person  1  Courtly Challenger
person  2  Daidoji Harrier
person  2  Daidoji Kageyu
person  1  Daidoji Nerishma
person  2  Dazzling Duelist
person  3  Doji Challenger
person  3  Doji Whisperer
person  2  Kakita Kaezin
person  3  Kakita Toshimoko
person  2  Masterpiece Painter
person  2  Paragon of Grace
flash_on  3  A Season of War
place  2  Esteemed Tea House
place  3  Favorable Ground
place  3  Kakita Dōjō
place  2  Proving Ground
attach_file  1  Above Question
attach_file  1  Daimyō's Gunbai
attach_file  3  Duelist Training
attach_file  3  Elegant Tessen
attach_file  2  Field of Ruin
attach_file  3  Fine Katana
attach_file  3  Formal Invitation
attach_file  2  Iaijutsu Master
attach_file  3  Letter from the Daimyō
attach_file  3  Ornate Fan
attach_file  1  Pillow Book
attach_file  3  Take Up Command
person  2  Arbiter of Authority
flash_on  3  In Service to My Lord
flash_on  3  Test of Skill
flash_on  2  Voice of Honor
flash_on  2  Way of the Crane

by Daidoji Hikori    9 months ago
Kyūden Isawa     (6)         person
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person  3  Asako Tsuki
person  2  Chukan Nobue
person  3  Inferno Guard Invoker
person  2  Inspired Visionary
person  3  Isawa Uona
person  3  Naive Student
person  3  Shiba Tsukune
person  3  Solemn Scholar
flash_on  3  A Season of War
place  3  Bustling Academy
place  3  Forgotten Library
place  3  Imperial Storehouse
place  3  Secluded Shrine
person  2  Isawa Eju
person  2  Isawa Tadaka
person  3  Shrine Maiden
flash_on  2  Against the Waves
flash_on  2  Benten's Touch
flash_on  2  Censure
flash_on  2  Clarity of Purpose
flash_on  1  Cloak of Night
flash_on  2  Court Games
flash_on  2  Display of Power
flash_on  3  Earth Becomes Sky
flash_on  2  For Shame!
flash_on  2  Our Foe Does Not Wait
flash_on  2  Ramparts of Stone
flash_on  3  Rebuild
flash_on  1  Spreading the Darkness
flash_on  3  Supernatural Storm
flash_on  2  Trick of the Light
flash_on  2  Walking the Way
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Added: 4 months ago
You can add Take Up Command in place of a makeshift camp
Added: 7 months ago
a couple of thoughts:
to make political easier to win you could go for covert(which also causes unoppposed loss so better yet) Shuichi could be good as well as oguri (or skirmisher)
If you do put oguri in or increase the courtier count f [continue reading]or shame could be an option as well. It can also become forced dishonor against bowed characters.
The same way as returning from shadows could be a way to create a sfe province in which to farm cards.
In place of levy you could play in defense of rokugan. Quite good against towers and lion.
finaly I would probably add another fire and oil
Added: 9 months ago
@SimplyShane, Honor in battle combo's nicely with secluded shrine (and both with heroic resolve). Banzai! would be nice surely, but difficult to fit in.
Considering the strat I would add Awakened Tsukumogami to further boust economy (perhaps a [continue reading]s a 2 of)
Added: 9 months ago
Edited: 9 months ago
Thanks for the comment.

Let's see,
Getting your opponent to lose the extra honor is probably the trickiest part. Theoretically you can use hand pressure, lower bids, Tsukune's ring effect and a little dishonor tech [continue reading], but this is probably the trickiest part.

Depending on whether your opponent has city of the rich frog or not and how early you activate Eju you can void 11+ cards per round even with no broken provinces, while eliminating major threats before they enter. Even keepers can thin the oppoments deck.

Kyuden Isawa helps cycle utility spells to get the effects you want. It also helps putting pressure on opponents hand
Added: 10 months ago
What about putting in a Kogoe in place of a Sukune? You could also try to fit in a Hatsu (the courtier that searches for attachments), perhaps in place of an Intimidating Hida
Added: > 1 year ago
I like your idea. Can see it struggling vs scorpion who play multiple cancel and assassinations and can win the favor game.

Also you play no way of the crane and only 6 duels from hand and only 3 reusable on a character, so you are quite [continue reading] reliant on the Dojo to get KK and PG activation, you might also be a little disfavored in the mirror especially against someone able to leep the favor as well as you (masters and keepers).

I suppose that against towers you search for ETH but can see little more on what your answers are.
Added: > 1 year ago
Purity was both a mil bust and a dishonor tool?
Added: > 1 year ago
Great write up and answers Chut! Great work!

Inconsistency has been a problem. Before the pack it was conflict that was more inconsistent, now it is the new costlier dynasty side.

Though it seems that we only have to strea [continue reading]mline it a bit more.
Added: > 1 year ago
I like it very much though it seem very draw dependant. The pack is only going to make it stronger
Added: > 1 year ago
Added: > 1 year ago
Congrats! Hand to Hand is a game changer with all those beautiful dynasty abilities. Would you try HMT phoenix splash conquest/dishonor?
Added: > 1 year ago
Try it with seeker of air. Give up on a FGG for extra fate, a more functional UA and a second fate gaining province instead of abandoning honor. I very much like the idea and the deck. Perhaps add a Collector to help against clouds?
Added: > 1 year ago
How is Game of Sadane working for you? Any advice on taking most out of this card?
Added: > 1 year ago
I like the idea.
A couple of questions/suggestions:

1)You aren't getting that much mileage out of Talisman with this province row, why not try a seeker approach?

Province row:
Void: Brother's Gift Dojo + Shamefu [continue reading]l Display Air: Secret Cache, Earth: Upholding Authority and Water: Rally to the Cause. (Or if you Think UA isn't as consistent without the Talisman you could swap RttC for Meditations on the Tao and UA for Entrenched or Ancestral)

In which case:
Splash: 2 Favored Mount, 2 Gaijin Customs, 1 Ide Messenger, 2 Spyglass ( I tried Ide Messenger in Crane, she is nice but costly as she is the equivalent of a 3+ cost character in terms of fate expenditure). The straighten can be much stronger than a bowed movement most of the time.

2)I would add meek informant as he is both shinobi and gives you hand knowledge. Court Games could also be good conflict wise, perhaps reducing the number of make an opening.

3)I would also suggest you try the 2 new cards the 5 coster that allows you to play him with three free fate if you lose some honor and the 6 coster that blocks a card since you are playing charge.
Added: > 1 year ago
Good luck with your deck.

Why don't you play Upholding Authority? Great way to control the opponents hand. Also have you thought of Formal Invitation? It combos well with spyglass. I would also add a third Representative.

[continue reading]On another note, a third Steward is probably superior to 1Keeper Kami. Even if you need to fire off a ring in defence every now and then 1Kami is too few to be consistent where adding a third Steward would render the Steward+ For Shame combo more consistent