Daidoji Hikori
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Hall of Honor
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Added: 1 month ago
Great write up and answers Chut! Great work!

Inconsistency has been a problem. Before the pack it was conflict that was more inconsistent, now it is the new costlier dynasty side.

Though it seems that we only have to strea [continue reading]mline it a bit more.
Added: 5 months ago
I like it very much though it seem very draw dependant. The pack is only going to make it stronger
Added: 6 months ago
Added: 6 months ago
Congrats! Hand to Hand is a game changer with all those beautiful dynasty abilities. Would you try HMT phoenix splash conquest/dishonor?
Added: 9 months ago
Try it with seeker of air. Give up on a FGG for extra fate, a more functional UA and a second fate gaining province instead of abandoning honor. I very much like the idea and the deck. Perhaps add a Collector to help against clouds?
Added: 10 months ago
How is Game of Sadane working for you? Any advice on taking most out of this card?
Added: 10 months ago
I like the idea.
A couple of questions/suggestions:

1)You aren't getting that much mileage out of Talisman with this province row, why not try a seeker approach?

Province row:
Void: Brother's Gift Dojo + Shamefu [continue reading]l Display Air: Secret Cache, Earth: Upholding Authority and Water: Rally to the Cause. (Or if you Think UA isn't as consistent without the Talisman you could swap RttC for Meditations on the Tao and UA for Entrenched or Ancestral)

In which case:
Splash: 2 Favored Mount, 2 Gaijin Customs, 1 Ide Messenger, 2 Spyglass ( I tried Ide Messenger in Crane, she is nice but costly as she is the equivalent of a 3+ cost character in terms of fate expenditure). The straighten can be much stronger than a bowed movement most of the time.

2)I would add meek informant as he is both shinobi and gives you hand knowledge. Court Games could also be good conflict wise, perhaps reducing the number of make an opening.

3)I would also suggest you try the 2 new cards the 5 coster that allows you to play him with three free fate if you lose some honor and the 6 coster that blocks a card since you are playing charge.
Added: > 1 year ago
Good luck with your deck.

Why don't you play Upholding Authority? Great way to control the opponents hand. Also have you thought of Formal Invitation? It combos well with spyglass. I would also add a third Representative.

[continue reading]On another note, a third Steward is probably superior to 1Keeper Kami. Even if you need to fire off a ring in defence every now and then 1Kami is too few to be consistent where adding a third Steward would render the Steward+ For Shame combo more consistent