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Hall of Honor
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by Hotaruchan  ●  1 day ago
City of the Open Hand  ●   (5)  ●     ●  Political  ●  Honor Drain  ●  Aggression
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person  3  Alibi Artist
person  3  Bayushi Liar
person  1  Bayushi Manipulator
person  3  Blackmail Artist
person  2  Favored Niece
person  3  Fawning Diplomat
person  3  Hantei Sotorii
person  2  Keeper Initiate
person  3  Miya Mystic
person  1  Righteous Magistrate
person  3  Shameless Gossip
person  3  Sinister Soshi
person  3  Soshi Shiori
place  2  City of Lies
place  1  Hidden Moon Dōjō
place  3  Imperial Storehouse
place  1  The Imperial Palace
attach_file  3  Mark of Shame
person  1  Bayushi Collector
person  1  Bayushi Kachiko
person  2  Meek Informant
person  1  Seeker of Knowledge
person  1  Yogo Kikuyo
flash_on  1  All and Nothing
flash_on  2  Assassination
flash_on  3  Backhanded Compliment
flash_on  2  Calling in Favors
flash_on  3  Court Games
flash_on  2  Deceptive Offer
flash_on  3  Display of Power
flash_on  1  Duty
flash_on  3  For Shame!
flash_on  3  Forged Edict
flash_on  1  I Can Swim
flash_on  2  Kirei-ko
flash_on  2  Peasant's Advice
flash_on  3  Way of the Scorpion
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Added: 1 month ago
they serve the same purpose in the deck in the end. I think All and nothing is just less telegraphed. so it's a little easier to spring on people. seeker of knowledge is easier to see and plan around in advance
Added: 8 months ago
I did a few iterations of the deck and took them out for one but put them back. really this deck only attacks if opponent has left themselves open or you see an opportunity to go for a pretty easy break. it tends to get into grindy games where yo [continue reading]u are 1 bidding for a while and just taxing their ability to put forth effective attacks. until eventually you draw into a way to take their last honor