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Added: 8 months ago
I see, I guess Karmic Balance would work differently for you as I use Temple Adept to control the honor dial..

How's Shintao Monastery fairing for you?
Added: 9 months ago
Ah thanks for putting to rest my last deck here in the popular section.. Have another deck around and opting not to post here yet to lessen the meta against it.. Anyway, for slovenly scavenger, wanna try Karmic Balance instead? Since this deck uses a [continue reading] lot of cards we can punish the enemy having more with this..
Added: 11 months ago
Edited: 11 months ago
Hi Laskas, what a unique deck you have here.. can you share your experience on the use of Prepared Ambush? By the way, I saw you also opted to have just 1 Air province when you have a Seeker of Air role, do you have a reason for that because I believ [continue reading]e that with Prepared Ambush you might like more outlets to get free fate like the Seeker role reaction.
Added: 11 months ago
Edited: 11 months ago
Glad to help.. about Niten what I meant is having 3 copies can be an issue since you can only have 1 copy at a time on the board. It's a strong card so I guess you can leave to only 1-2 copies to avoid having too many duplicates to clog your hand
Added: 11 months ago
Edited: 11 months ago
Hi Tiamat! This is quite a unique deck! just wanna return the favor for your comment on my deck by the way, here's what I got from my findings when I tried it out for two games
1. Without Daimyo's Favor it appears that this deck is very tight w [continue reading]ith gold.. you might wanna try having the said cards out..
2. How's Niten running for you? As it's unique I encountered times where I have copies of them in hand that I cannot play together.. Actually I myself often test the card as well in my deck but 3 copies will backfire at times
For now those are what I fully confirmed with my runs, hope these help..
Added: > 1 year ago
Edited: > 1 year ago
Had a similar deck like this but with bushi and weapons using heroic resolve, honored blade and Ready for Battle to maintain Niten Master's onslaught.. I agree that this would be viable

Anywho, I suggest you reduce the Ready for Battle t [continue reading]o 1-2 and remove A legion of One for Togashi Acolyte and a third Fine Katana.. the Acolyte is too good to pass up while the Katana is a free long term boost to military that the Agasha Swordsmith could fish..

Lastly, I strongly suggest to fit in Hitsu-do Disciple here in the deck, maybe lessening some peeps that don't function well in your meta.. the disciple is strong card against high glory count peeps like crane/phoenix and is still easy to trigger in any other match up