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by TogashiKit    4 weeks ago
Mountain's Anvil Castle     (8)         person
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person  3  Agasha Swordsmith
person  3  Aspiring Challenger
person  3  Doomed Shugenja
person  3  Inventive Mirumoto
person  3  Kitsuki Investigator
person  3  Niten Adept
person  3  Niten Master
person  3  Stoic Rival
person  3  Togashi Yokuni
person  3  Tranquil Philosopher
flash_on  1  A Season of War
place  3  Favorable Ground
place  3  Hidden Mountain Pass
place  3  Imperial Storehouse
attach_file  3  Adopted Kin
attach_file  2  Ancestral Daishō
attach_file  3  Daimyō's Favor
attach_file  3  Elegant Tessen
attach_file  3  Fine Katana
attach_file  3  Finger of Jade
attach_file  3  Hawk Tattoo
attach_file  3  Inscribed Tantō
attach_file  3  Pathfinder's Blade
attach_file  3  Reprieve
person  3  Tattooed Wanderer
flash_on  2  Common Cause
flash_on  3  Court Games
flash_on  3  Let Go
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Added: 4 weeks ago
Edited: 4 weeks ago
Hotfix done now v.2.4.2 due to Lost Papers being added to ban list. Replaced it with Hidden Mountain Pass for it's Rally keyword
Added: 4 weeks ago
Edited: 4 weeks ago
Hi Mirumoto Psycho! Yes deck is quite viable but right now I am currently busy preventing me from further updating this.. For draw phase it's really not much planning needed you will often opt to bid for 5.. Tranquil Philosopher and honor tech help k [continue reading]eep my honor safe from dipping too low suddenly

Aspiring challenger is just a good stated personality for his cost often becoming a base 3/3 for 2 fate.. in fact he is just there for his political stat and can be replaced by any other card.. he did oddly countered the occasional composure cards like Guardian of Virtue and some when high bid tech Scorpion cards in some games though

By the way because of the recent banning of the newly added Lost Paper will do an emergency tweaking soon
Added: 1 month ago
Edited: 1 month ago
Hi Laskas, what a unique deck you have here.. can you share your experience on the use of Prepared Ambush? By the way, I saw you also opted to have just 1 Air province when you have a Seeker of Air role, do you have a reason for that because I believ [continue reading]e that with Prepared Ambush you might like more outlets to get free fate like the Seeker role reaction.
Added: 1 month ago
Hi Emperorgrove! Glad to see you commenting again and seeing how I helped you with your deck as well.. problem with the new monk is that he costs a lot to compete against other key personalities; will check him out for sure though.. might create a di [continue reading]fferent deck for him with the arrival of more straighten tech like the Waterfall Tattoo
Added: 1 month ago
Edited: 1 month ago
Hi Dragon Fighter! Yup also like having more Common Cause in the deck as well.. wanna thank Litorers for that suggestion by the way.. About Rally cards I saw their strength and might do your suggestion as well since I really opt to remove Aspiring Ch [continue reading]allenger anyway on my first testing runs.. not sure with Master of Many Lifetimes yet and what I will give up for him.. for Cycle of Rebirth I will try it but I often aim for first pass to get fate meaning the card wouldn't work for personalities without giving up the free fate.. will check nonetheless for the holding removal though

Again thanks for the feedback
Added: 1 month ago
Edited: 1 month ago
Hi Guys! Sorry for the delay as was busy with work. Officially made changes with the deck list (now version 2.4) which reflected the additional 10 games I played to test the deck even further. Most changes were made to maximize the gold curve and to [continue reading]give strength to other cards other than Niten Master and the 2G+ personalities.
Added: 1 month ago
Edited: 1 month ago
Glad to help.. about Niten what I meant is having 3 copies can be an issue since you can only have 1 copy at a time on the board. It's a strong card so I guess you can leave to only 1-2 copies to avoid having too many duplicates to clog your hand
Added: 1 month ago
Edited: 1 month ago
Hi Tiamat! This is quite a unique deck! just wanna return the favor for your comment on my deck by the way, here's what I got from my findings when I tried it out for two games
1. Without Daimyo's Favor it appears that this deck is very tight w [continue reading]ith gold.. you might wanna try having the said cards out..
2. How's Niten running for you? As it's unique I encountered times where I have copies of them in hand that I cannot play together.. Actually I myself often test the card as well in my deck but 3 copies will backfire at times
For now those are what I fully confirmed with my runs, hope these help..
Added: 1 month ago
Edited: 1 month ago
Hi Tiamat! Glad that this deck inspired you to create your own version of it.. Oh yes this deck is not the best but sure is fun to play with.

Ok, about Adopted Kin, it is not indispensable but it is helpful on my strategy to never hesit [continue reading]ate slapping attachments even on personalities that I didn't invest on fate. Furthermore, with new cards I am now using like Common Cause and Lost Papers (update on list soon) I incline more to "spread the attached love". Lastly, I noticed your deck may lean more on preserving your personalities instead to win duels and others so this card will be of less value for you.

Good luck on your games with your deck and thanks again for the comment!
Added: 1 month ago
Edited: 1 month ago
Hi Litorers.. did run 4 games during the weekend with 1 loss and 3 wins.. Common Cause appeared several times in those games and I have to say that it is a viable tech to immediately get the Tessens and other attachments like Hawk Tattoo and Daimyo's [continue reading] favor placed on a personality.. It also freed me to place 3 more cards in the deck by the freed Pragmatism spot and removing 1 indomitable will and 1 Inscribed Tanto (still choosing on what to add for those 3 slots)..

Will now officially edit the deck after a final run before Friday Sept. 4
Added: 1 month ago
Edited: 1 month ago
Hi Litorers thanks for the feedback and sorry was busy for the past days.

Master of Many Lifetimes looks good but I would look at its viability still with further testing in the future.. the new monk sadly looks like a glorified Adopted [continue reading]Kin compared to Yokuni that I am now opting more as my 5 gold peep.. we'll see.. I mean he's strong but what should I give up in order to add him is another issue altogether

Common Cause to force Ancestral triggers and load another guy up? this suggestion looks promising! Will try it right away this weekend by removing pragmatism and replacing it with 2 common causes
Added: 3 months ago
Just wanna share updates with the deck.. Posted 6 games after posting the deck with a record of 5-1. Happy to say, not all games required Niten Master to be resilient at all.

Currently testing deck with 3 Lost Papers instead of Aspiring [continue reading]Challenger and because of Rally it actually did not affect my curve and buying habits bur even has some good triggers of its bow tech. With this, I will make the change official in the post soon. Still hesitant to count Agasha Sumiko out in favor of Yokuni as it made some showing in some of the recent games.
Added: 3 months ago
Edited: 3 months ago
Thanks for the feedback Emperorgroove! I already tried Agasha Prodigy on this but the problem is the impact of the action flopping vs its benefit is just not worth it.. I experienced discarding a Let Go or Tattooed Wanderer with this. Also experience [continue reading] attaching a Tessen on a already straightened personality. Also experienced this giving an attachment to the enemy (my fault when I forgot that he saw the arrangement with his Compass). Best result is a free Pragmatism or +2 Weapon which is not often. I will try her again though if I opted for a big weapon build in the future.
Added: 3 months ago
Edited: 3 months ago
Glad that you tried it out, Dragon Fighter! yes I am leaning towards using Lost Papers instead of Aspiring Challenger right now.. I see using Rally further filters up my key cards. Doesn't hurt that it gives extra bow tech in between as well
Added: 9 months ago
Edited: 9 months ago
Had a similar deck like this but with bushi and weapons using heroic resolve, honored blade and Ready for Battle to maintain Niten Master's onslaught.. I agree that this would be viable

Anywho, I suggest you reduce the Ready for Battle t [continue reading]o 1-2 and remove A legion of One for Togashi Acolyte and a third Fine Katana.. the Acolyte is too good to pass up while the Katana is a free long term boost to military that the Agasha Swordsmith could fish..

Lastly, I strongly suggest to fit in Hitsu-do Disciple here in the deck, maybe lessening some peeps that don't function well in your meta.. the disciple is strong card against high glory count peeps like crane/phoenix and is still easy to trigger in any other match up