Soshi Koshiro
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Hall of Honor
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Added: 8 months ago
This card, as many Scorpion cards, is all about manipulation.
As a 3 cost 2/1/2 Bushi-Duelist, it is not all interesting or useful. Its text box it where its at.
When it is in play, you basically declare that your dial will be between 2 a [continue reading]nd 5 in the duel. I personally like to bid 2 when my opponent has 1 Military skill because those are the potential results:
2 vs 1: you lose 1 Honor, you dishonor his character and gain +2/+2.
2 vs 2: You dishonor his character.
2 vs 3: You gain 1 Honor and nothing else happens.
2 vs 4: You gain 2 honor and you the duelist becomes trash. If you have any dial manipulation trick (see Maze of illusion), get it back to 5 to regain any use.
2 vs 5: You gain 3 honor and he has basically done his job. Dont invest anymore on him, or rehonor and try again.
Added: 8 months ago
This card is secretly good. VERY secretly. Its stats are bad, but it has the right keywords. Your opponent gets to decide which event you can copy, but it also prevents them from using ones that are too strong. You even get to copy them for free. [continue reading]/> Also, its a Courtier and a Shugenja. Its an all-around utility card that's secretly good.
Added: 8 months ago
The true strength of this card is in the fact that you can choose to use its Action, or not. This way, you can force opponents into bidding higher (because they don't want you crushing their provinces), causing you to bid lower and draining their hon [continue reading]or. Otherwise, your opponent bids lower and you get a very good bonus to your attacks.
Also, if you bid low, you can use other dial manipulating tricks (like Maze of illusion) to still get the bonus if your opponent also had a low bid. The potential strength diffrence is from 1 to 4.
Added: 8 months ago
It is a good card using the two main keywords of the clan and with a good draw mechanic. However, it is a wasted potatoe if you cannot get at 6 and less honor. Unless you can reliably lower your honour (by using plenty of Assassinate, for example) or [continue reading] you absolutely need as many shinobi in your deck as you can cram in, Bayushi Liar is otherwise the better 1-drop card.
Added: 10 months ago
Edited: 10 months ago
This card works best on:
-Characters with Actions that have a self-dishonor cost (see: Bayushi Aramoro)
-Courtiers in order to use Forged Edict.

Its useless to think about removing Honor tokens from an opponent, because you a [continue reading]re basically paying 1 Fate to give them +1/+1 instead of the Glory bonus (unless its Shiba Tsukune).

As of the Scorpion pack, there is not enough interesting card interactions to make this one viable.
Added: 12 months ago
rate_review Card Review: Rated: : 3.75
This province is hard to break and can be very tricky for your opponent when used with other cards that manipulate the dial, but also forces you to have predictable bids if you want it to survive an attack. It works well with car [continue reading]ds that change your dial without having an honor exchange, but can cause a too great honor loss otherwise.
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