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Hall of Honor
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Added: 6 months ago
Edited: 6 months ago
rate_review Card Review: Rated: 2
Can be strong when combined with Solemn Scholar, Tadaka or Henshin Disciple. It's stats, however, are very underwhelming for its cost, so it probably won't see much play.
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Added: last month
Tadaka wouldn't be usable with the new RL alongside Forged Edict.
Added: 5 months ago
Hi Nu_Fenix. I'm sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment. Most of your suggestions were excellent as you can see from the fact that they eventually made it into the deck. A few notes on the suggested cards that weren't put in the deck: [continue reading] />
-Harmonize: I believe the deck has sufficient reactive play already and Harmonize loses to the other cards in the battle for a spot mainly because it is not a spell. I might try it at some point however.

-Radiant Orator: Despite the defensive, dishonor focus, the deck tries to be just as capable of achieving conquest. Radiant Orator doesn't quite fit this plan as it will only ever be good on defense. The lack of honoring support could also mean she becomes a 0/0 a lot, which is not ideal.

-Kaito Temple Protector: The deck doesn't run too many skill boosts, and therefore Kaito Temple Protector only helps to prevent breaks and has a hard time winning conflicts. Because of this, it was cut out from the deck's earlier revisions.

As for Crane Splash, we unfortunately would miss out on the cards that give this deck its identity; most importantly Maze of Illusion that allows all sorts of tricks by manipulating the honor dial. This is not to say that Crane Splash is not good with Seeker of Air. Rather, going for Crane Splash changes the deck so much that it might as well be a whole different deck.
Added: 6 months ago
Made a few changes based on the feedback my fellow fire-chicken brothers provided:
-Removed Tsukune. Too many 5 costers.
-Removed All and Nothing, as it is too situational
-Added Benten's Touch, as the deck greatly benefits from hav [continue reading]ing lots of honored characters
-Filled the remaining dynasty deck slot with another copy of Bustling Academy
Added: 6 months ago
Thank you so much for sharing your list and your experience with it, Travis. This was a very interesting read!
Added: 9 months ago
I'm intrigued by the fact that you are running Magnificent Lighthouse and no Libraries. How is that working out for you? I'm also very curious about Way of the Phoenix. Has it been useful for you?
Added: 10 months ago
Edited: 10 months ago
I'm surprised to see you didn't include libraries. How is that working out for you? Equally surprising is that you have no splash? Gasp! I think I'm still on the "another clan's best 5-6 cards are better than your worst 5-6 cards", don't you think