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Hall of Honor
of 10 players during  (Season 1 Cleanup) @ In de Ruimte - Utrecht, The Netherlands with deck
of 19 players during  (9th place Elemental Challenge Spellenspektakel Eindhoven) @ Eindhoven, TheNetherlands with deck
of 16 players during  (Battle for the stronghold #2 Friends and Foes Amsterdam) @ Amsterdam, The Netherlands with deck
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Added: 4 months ago
And thank you for the reply!

I totally missed the Miya Mystics, my bad!

Yeah I'm definitly happy to see more Unicorn around, even while my Lion is still rolling down the tier list.

Any thoughts on the Scorpion p [continue reading]ack character? I feel like it's a 3-of in all Unicorn decks.

Normally you have to just eat what your opponent has in store for you when you are attacking, because you have 0 interaction with your opponents hand, but this atleast makes them feel the hurt in their economy. And it's Cavalry and Imperial at the same time! Both Satoshi and Cavalry Reserves synergy!
Added: 4 months ago
Edited: 4 months ago
I understand the value behind the Satoshi/Reserves/Keepers, but with 2 satoshi/1 Palace, you only have 3 imperial cards. 2 when you are about to use satoshi.

Have you not run into the problem of self-mil completly and then ending up not [continue reading] being able to draw/djinn/assasinate etc?