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Hall of Honor
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Added: 2 months ago
Daidoji - I'm going to try building this deck with our air role, but if i go that route I lose access to discouraged pursuit. Upholding authority was pointed out to me by several people was unaffective and too farmable. Collectors are being added in [continue reading]version 2.0 of this deck in favor of staving off the potential dishonor loss.

I'm excited to show the choices and progress made here. Thanks for the feedback so far!
Added: 3 months ago
Congrats on your success! I hope more players are inspired by this deck to try and do something their clan hasn't yet!
Added: 3 months ago
Do you see alibi artist as useful considering you'll likely be bidding low? Maybe useful in the mirror to hound home after a bid 5. Just curious on the thought process
Added: 3 months ago
I love the idea and I think that there is a build that utilizes the cheap jumping in of characters to maintain a high economy/ stable board state with low cost characters with fate. The catch is finding the blend of characters and value driven confli [continue reading]ct cards.

Maybe moving over to an almost dragon like approach with high number of attachments. I'm unsure if unicorn would be the best support though.
Added: 3 months ago
I was considering the idea of running all the 'charge'-like cards in a scorpion deck and trying to maximize your box with such value. How do you dishonor your characters to ensure that you can get the double duty out of them?
Added: 4 months ago
I would personally think about substituting out the meek informant for Hiruma skirmisher to really press the aggressive factor. You'd have to cut a reprieve or mountain does not fall to get the two copies in their but could up on either the liar's ma [continue reading]sk or katana
Added: 4 months ago
I love the idea and the synergy that exists within this set of cards. But I keep thinking of things that help you get your opponent to run out of deck.

I keep thinking of Phoenix for Oracle of Stone and Display of Power - both of whic [continue reading]h can be played to maximize synergy. Also Seeker of Knowledge is a fine drop to keep the honor pressure in conflicts you'll win. Food for thought!