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by Llama negra    17 hours ago
Hayaken no Shiro     (6)         person    IL
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person  3  Akodo Toshiro
person  3  Gifted Tactician
person  3  Honorable Challenger
person  3  Ikoma Ikehata
person  3  Ikoma Kiyono
person  3  Kitsu Motso
person  3  Lion's Pride Brawler
person  3  Lion's Pride Paragon
person  3  Samurai of Integrity
place  3  Exposed Courtyard
place  3  Imperial Storehouse
attach_file  3  Elegant Tessen
attach_file  2  Fine Katana
attach_file  3  Honored Blade
attach_file  3  Ornate Fan
attach_file  3  Writ of Authority
flash_on  3  A Legion of One
flash_on  3  A Perfect Cut
flash_on  3  All and Nothing
flash_on  2  Called to War
flash_on  2  Command Respect
flash_on  3  Court Games
flash_on  2  Honor in Battle
flash_on  3  Severed From the Stream
flash_on  3  Test of Courage
flash_on  2  Way of the Lion
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