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Hall of Honor
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by Selderane    8 months ago
Hisu Mori Toride     (6)         person
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person  3  Border Rider
person  3  Child of the Plains
person  3  Keeper Initiate
person  3  Minami Kaze Regulars
person  3  Moto Chagatai
person  3  Moto Nergüi
person  3  Moto Youth
person  3  Shinjo Altansarnai
person  3  Shinjo Gunsō
person  3  Shinjo Trailblazer
person  3  Utaku Tetsuko
place  1  Imperial Storehouse
place  3  Shiotome Encampment
place  3  Windswept Yurt
attach_file  3  Curved Blade
attach_file  3  Fine Katana
person  3  Iuchi Wayfinder
person  3  Shinjo Ambusher
person  1  Shinomen Wayfinders
flash_on  2  A Perfect Cut
flash_on  2  Assassination
flash_on  3  Banzai!
flash_on  3  Captive Audience
flash_on  3  Cavalry Reserves
flash_on  3  Charge!
flash_on  3  Ready for Battle
flash_on  3  Spoils of War
flash_on  3  Strength in Numbers
flash_on  3  Unfulfilled Duty
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Added: 8 months ago
Any updates you'd make with the new cards? I swapped out Moto Nergui for the covert guy in the Crab Park. My thought was I'd rather have a dude never be able to defend during the conflict phase, than kick a dude out of one conflict

Doubl [continue reading]y clutch if HMT is doing its job and Chags is on rampage mode (and he frequently was).

Obviously this makes Cav Reserves a bit weaker, but I'm okay with the tradeoff.

In my local meta this deck obliterated. We were all stunned how fast it was.
Added: > 1 year ago
Have updates for the clan pack?