Grand Kotei
Golden Plains Outpost
Ide Isha
08/02/18 thru 08/04/18

I had a great time at GenCon. However, first round was against Nick Soto (Phoenix fish boi for days) who was at the top of Swiss on Day 1A. I defeated a lion player round 2 on HMT. Then round 3 I was up against Trevor Cuba, which is an excellent Crane player. Round 4 I needed a win to make the cut, but had a mirror match. The other unicorn player had the encampment turn 1...I didn't so it was pretty easy for him break my provinces and SH.

I did go to the skirmish event on day 1A and defeated a Dragon and another lion player on HMT. My loss was against a Core set SH lion player. Finally, I played one round of the skirmish event on Saturday to get another KoF vote and played a Dragon player and won with TW being the MVP. I dropped to play in A:NR where I proceeded to go 50/50 Wins and Losses in 7 rounds of swiss.

So overall record with this deck at GenCon was 50% 4 wins and 4 losses:
Wins - 2 Dragon, 2 Lion (HMT)
Loses - 1 Phoenix, 1 Crane, 1 Lion (Core Set), and 1 Unicorn
Session 0
City of the Open Hand
Bayushi Koshiro

First deck build:

Aiming for a dishonor victory that can also threaten province break.

Dishonor threats:
Soshi shiori
Blackmail artist
Hiruma skirmisher (unopposed+Air/Fire/Earth)
Court games
For shame!
Way of the scorpion
Maze of illusion

Break threats:
Disguised protector
Soshi shiori
Yogo hiroue
Bayushi kachiko
Spreading the darkness

Reprieve (for Shiori, Kachiko, Hiroue or Disguised protector)
Hiruma skirmisher (surprise military covert poke, ideally with air ring for 2 Honor damage)
Spies at court (for a non-threatening political Earth conflict for a 3 random card loss)
Maze of illusion (dial manipulation for Web of lies, ineffective but somewhat interesting for surprise character control)
Blackmail (Everyone expects a 3-honor loss Assassination and a 4 Fate-cost Fate worse than death. Nobody expects Blackmail. Great vs 1-2 surprise drops that pokes).
L5R Tourney - Prep for GenCon
Golden Plains Outpost
Ide Isha
TEG - Broomfield, CO
07/22/18 thru 07/22/18